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4 Y2K-Inspired Holiday Looks from Marcelo Gutierrez

May your days be as happy, bright and sparkling as . Y2K redux is here and ready to hit the holiday party scene. According to makeup artist Marcelo Gutierrez, there’s never been a better time to go back—and reimagine! —the cheeky glow of the early 20th century. “We live in an era where it feels like the world is a bit harsh; Y2K is a freer, more experimental era,” Gutierrez muses. “There’s no better time than the holidays to relive an era that was very party and youth oriented.”

With the rise of the internet, the early ushered in a networked beauty aesthetic, and two decades later, Gen Z is always fed up. Gutierrez explains: “I feel like the younger generation is reinterpreting the era through its colors and textures: metallics, glitter and a range of pastels that bounce off CDs.”

To help you ring this season—and fill your makeup mood board—Gutierrez is teaming up with models Jazzelle Zanaughtti, Jordan Daniels, and Simona Kunst to inject Y2K-inspired winter glamour. There are metallic lips, frosted skin tones, holographic eyelids, and jeweled brows that catch light and bounce it back in all the right ways. “There’s a sense of playfulness and exploration to all these looks,” Gutierrez said. “I love a less serious look.

Below, four festive looks to look your best at parties—the Y2K way.

holographic eyelids


“Lilacs have been everywhere 1999,” says Gutierrez, who can get enough of the soft purple shadow. Here, he layered creamy pigments over a pearlescent lavender shadow, wrapping Jazelle’s gaze in a Medium toned. Crystal clear pout and dewy shine balance out the prismatic look.

Red lips may be a holiday classic, but it’s getting a gorgeous twist this season with a matte hot magenta lip Mix it in. “You want to shine from every angle,” says Gutierrez, who finished the look with fresh skin, “super-glow” highlighter, and kohl-rimmed waterline for a “punk dose.”



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