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43 thoughts I had while rewatching 'Notting Hill'

I’ve spent most of my life trying to hold back my fondness for Hugh Grant, but as a mortal woman I simply can’t resist his shaggy hair, oh so British charm, this It arguably peaked in the 1999 movie Notting Hill . Still, I haven’t actually seen this movie since I , so will the Grantian X factor prevent re-watching? Read on to find out. name), and I must admit that Julia , one of 1999’s top stars, was chosen to be in this movie The star is very smart.

  • Oh, I love Julia’s chin-length bob!
  • I think I realized at this moment that this is a different movie than America’s Sweethearts.
  • Hey, Hugh Grant said “Notting Hill”! Everyone drink!
  • Gosh, I love the way the Brits say weekend.
  • Almost every lesbian I know would envy Hugh Grant’s hair in this movie.
  • Imagine making money at a travel bookstore! I miss ’13. (Yes, I was a toddler for most of them, but that doesn’t preclude nostalgia.)
  • Hey, it’s Julia Roberts in a beret browsing in Travel Books! You can tell she’s incognito because she’s wearing transitional lenses.
  • Personally, if I was internationally famous, I wouldn’t go to a random stranger, even if he There was just clumsily spilling coffee on me – but I guess there won’t be a movie.
  • There is no better move than Hugh Grant to offer apricots soaked in honey to a woman. (Say yes, Julia! Those sound delicious!)
  • Damn, I love Julia’s bad bitch crop top.
  • Kiss!
  • Omg, the British say The yogurt (yogurt?) is horrible to me.
  • Hugh pretending to be LOL from Horse and Hound in order to have a press conference with Julia flirts.
  • dude there really is a kind of young straight white guy in 1999 The floppy hair epidemic.
  • Hugh Grant is Patient Zero!
  • As someone who has interviewed celebrities at several press conferences, I must chime in here to say that celebrities rarely fall in love with you ( At least in my experience).
  • Wow at Julia Mans! Très chic!
  • I have to admit that the way Hugh boasted about himself in a fake interview was very I coded.
  • Literally, the whole process of Hugh being forced to talk to the other stars of Julia’s film was a shock to any journalist who wasn’t ready for an interview It’s all too familiar.
  • Hey, it’s child actress Mischa Barton!
  • Do the British really cook guinea fowl?
  • For that matter, Hugh literally took Julia to his sister’s place without spoiler warning, saying he invited a famous The actress dined? Major party Foul!
  • Just like a real dinner party, this dinner party scene will go on forever.
  • Some nasty dude talking about Julia, so Hugh goes to business, and it’s… very hot, TBH, even if he Ended up being laughed out of the cafe.
  • Celebrities: They’re just like us! Their feelings are hurt!
  • Oh shit, Julia has a boyfriend? Is it Alec Baldwin?
  • And Is he a total jerk girlfriend? Well.
  • Why haven’t we seen Hugh’s little wire frame glasses before?
  • Omg, this is my girlfriend Emily Mortimer in a very small cameo!
  • Do we really only have…an hour into this movie? Is there another hour?
  • Oh man, I forgot the whole plot involving Julia being sold naked. Unfortunately, this movie really got ahead of its time.
  • Well, the Mel Gibson reference isn’t outdated.
  • Not being rude, but do Hugh and Julia have sex in this movie? Or is this just angry kissing?
  • Oh wait…the implication is, yes, they do. Complaint withdrawn.
  • Oh no, the paparazzi showed up to bother Hugh and Julia after their big night!
  • If there’s one thing that’s true about British men, it’s that they’re going to You are depressed when you pour your cup of tea.
  • All these Portobello Road photos make me eager to hit the farmers market.
  • “Ooh, sexy cardi” is literally the most English phrase I’ve ever heard.
  • Julia is pissed at Hugh because she thinks his friend spilled the news about dad and he has very shaggy hair and is sad about it .
  • Did Hugh’s sister suddenly propose to his eccentric roommate?
  • Julia wants to get back together, but Hugh doesn’t like it. really, Hugh? She’s hot and famous! Though I’m guessing that’s the problem because he’s worried she’ll leave him again.
  • Expressing his feelings. Suggests love, marriage, pregnancy, romantic garden scenes and more. yeah!
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