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4SDesigns Menswear Spring 2024

People smugly say, “If you know, you know.” But what if you don’t know and think something might be worth knowing? 4SDesigns is a brand that’s well worth getting acquainted with, whether or not you’ve been involved in the beginning of founder Angelo Urrutia’s story. As one of the finalists for this year’s CFDA/Vogue Fashion Fund, Urrutia is currently getting a lot of attention. Accompanied by his wife, Lilly, he detailed a collection at La Société on the final day of Paris Men’s Fashion Week, and explained why.

The new Urrutia in The Yorkers, stated in the preface to the walkthrough, was inspired by Annie Hall , When Harry Met Sally,

and New Jack City — so Alvy Singer x Harry Burns x Nino Brown. The MA-1 is covered in orange tweed instead of polyester and desert viscose, worn as a mirror-image homage to Martin Margiela. Urrutia said the original was something he had longed for back in the last century, but had never been funded. Homage to the influential Manhattan Cable analog DIY radio broadcast in a logo jacket and horizontally striped cotton and silk shirt and trousers.

The main look will probably be a gray plaid square scarf trench coat and reflective material shirt, with a black sateen skirt that can be folded into shorts. But it could also be a reversible green bomber jacket in iridescent organza with scrim-like tufts draped over it. Or actually a bottonato yarn shirt with hand-stitched horizontal stripes including raffia sections paired with denim-look leather jeans?

Urrutia’s signature chores and Chanel jackets in black or monochromatic bouclé, paired with a twist-neck oxford with vertical blue stripes and varying tonal densities Shirts look just right. A black organza short-sleeved blouse with embroidered camouflage detailing and a white tulle blouse embellished with black beaded curls are other beautiful options here; both complement the designer’s flowy cupro work pants . He also mentioned The Great Gatsby and Fear and Loathing in Las Vegas

while we were working on the rails , two other great American stories. Urrutia is creating a very interesting story of his own.




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