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5 Best AI Tools for Proofreading Essays and Dissertations (Not Grammarly)

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Editing is tedious work. Whether your medium is academic composition or presenting new ideas to office colleagues, there is always a need to create nuanced arguments backed by reasons, facts, and research. Bringing these ideas together required two distinct skillsets: writing and editing. Anyone who has ever put together a college essay knows that sometimes the difficulty lies in reaching the word count, and other times it feels impossible to fit all the necessary ideas into the word limit.

Proofreading is the other side of the coin, which is that an essay or speech is honed so precisely that the rough The transformation of ideas into something with clarity and focus takes place in the finished product. AI tools are making headlines for their ability to create rough drafts of this creative process, and educators are concerned that students will rely on AI systems to do their homework for them! But there are still major differences between the processes that human writers and AI tools can achieve. A more interesting use of AI systems is in the proofreading and editing phase. Writers can become desensitized to problems in their own work, especially if they’ve edited the content multiple times. Unfortunately, Grammarly, the most widely used platform, still doesn’t satisfy every user’s needs, but there are some solid alternatives that can act as capable partners in your writing process. ProWritingAid

Maica/Getty Images ProWritingAid is one of the more comprehensive AI editing tools on the market. AI provides an in-depth writing report on the text it proofreads, offering 20 different metrics to help improve a writer’s natural flow without overwhelming them. ProWritingAid’s reports cover style, cliché usage, thesaurus options, transitions, alliteration and word style, plagiarism checking, and more. These are useful tools that can help writers eliminate the passive voice from their writing (or focus on the passive voice in certain passages that may require such a shift in tone). This tool allows the user to set custom rules and style preferences that are ideal for use in Academic guidelines for writers working within an organization or organization’s preferred layout are similar. Users can also access data products that help them understand sentence structure, readability scores, and more. ProWritingAid can also be directly integrated into various writing platforms. Users will find it suitable for Microsoft Word, Scrivener, and other systems. It can also be incorporated as a browser extension for Chrome, Firefox, Safari, and Microsoft’s Edge browser. This enables authors to use ProWritingAid’s toolbox of proofing reports and text editing features in virtually any typing environment, including Outlook, Medium, Facebook, and elsewhere. The app, like Grammarly, is cloud-based. Therefore, it requires an active internet connection to provide editing assistance. The free version allows for thesaurus suggestions, grammar, and other scopes of proofreading, while a paid subscription unlocks the entire catalog of tools for $10 per month. In addition, students can enjoy a 20% discount directly on the website.

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QuillBot is an online proofreading tool that lives in your browser or in the Microsoft Word application. The tool works with Chrome, Word and Google Docs applications. For this reason, it’s less versatile than the other options on this list, but will still cover most writing apps a user will come across — provided they use Google Chrome as their primary web browser.

This tool can be used to check grammar, summarize input text from the Internet, construct citations, paraphrase content, and check for plagiarism. QuillBot also offers a feature called “Co-Writer” that allows you to seamlessly integrate all these tools directly into your writing process. This can dramatically increase the speed of writing product and content synthesis, even for the least confident or motivated writers. The tool is available for free, or as a paid subscription (annual options start as low as $8.33 per month). A free account gives you access to grammar and spell checking tools, and a taste of paraphrasing and summarization. This provides low-frequency users with a powerful tool to help them with their writing tasks. Premium users get unlimited use of the interpreter and gain access to advanced grammar rewriting, fast processing speed, tone detector and plagiarism checker, and a full suite of tools. Ginger SoftwareGinger is an AI toolbox that helps writers boost their creativity while ensuring grammar and spelling issues don’t go unnoticed. Ginger can help proofread text for errors and tease out sentence structure, but it also offers creative alternatives for flagging passages you might not be entirely satisfied with. AI can provide a range of options to make your work more appealing to readers. This tool can be especially valuable for writers who often find themselves in the weeds and writing rambling sentences.

Ginger AI tool also provides a large number of synonyms. AI can be downloaded to your Android device or iPhone, installed as an application on a Windows machine, or added as an extension to a Chrome or Microsoft Office application. Ginger also offers an in-system translation service covering more than 40 languages. This feature sets Ginger apart from many other AI proofreading tools as it adds a unique layer of additional functionality that can be extremely helpful in the modern digitally connected world we live in. Users can interact with the free version, or pay for an enhanced premium plan, starting at $4.99 per month ($120 for a two-year subscription).

Hemingway Editor

Hemingway Editor is a minimalist tool designed to help writers improve their writing style and rhythm without throwing curve balls at readers. The goal of AI is to give writers a Hemingway-esque treatment of their content. Hemingway was a famous straight writer and has even been (wrongly) attributed to bet the forerunner of the six-character novel. Therefore, AI focuses on clarity and precision rather than flashy content and flowery language.

AI Toolbox Highlights can improve a piece of text fed into an AI system. Color coding is used to quickly and accurately indicate the types of language changes that authors may want to consider. Yellow highlighting tells the writer that a sentence may be too long, while blue words are those that do not convey a strong meaning and might benefit from substitution or omission. There are no browser extensions, but the online tools are free to use, and the Hemingway app can be downloaded for offline use, purchased The cost is $19.99. Both editions are a good choice for writers looking for help with proofreading, while aiming to keep their prose clear and direct.

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AI proofreader Slick Write is a simple, free editor for you It can be added to Chrome or Firefox as a browser extension. This tool is ideal for those looking for a grammar and syntax checker that can handle input of almost any size. Submissions to the editor interface are capped at 30,000 words, but those who are writing books can utilize multiple uploads to evaluate larger volumes of text. Slick Write doesn’t include all the features found in paid AI proofreaders, however, when it comes to the editing work it does offer, AI is up to the challenge. This is a great option for those looking for a simple AI editor that can Help them develop content without too many additional hoops to jump through. The tool can weed out frequently confused words and filter words or other fillers. It’s also particularly good at spotting legal jargon that might not fit your intended style.



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