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5 Brides on Why Vivienne Westwood Was the Only Choice for Their Wedding Day

Provided by Anna Shaffer

Anna Shaffer, Cast

“We had planned a huge wedding, but it was scuttled by COVID-19. However, we were determined to do something good amidst all the uncertainty, so we kept the registration date[ July 2021], married at our local London town hall, only our family currently. I love the idea of ​​a marriage: two people draw a circle in the sand and say , I promise to always support you. But weddings are often dull and stale, especially for brides. Be a wife with capital.. weeks! How do you know what your wedding style is if you only wear it on your wedding day?

“It strikes me as odd that there are so many wedding dresses out there, reminiscent of communions and baptisms…either too many or not enough. This is what I think Vivienne Westwood does so perfectly: she understands the female body, but conveys sensuality and sensuality not through fragility and grace, but through structure and strength. Her wedding dress had a romantic drape, but the silhouette was austere and rigorous, showing off the woman who wore it. Maybe it was my teenage years clutching my Vivienne Westwood bag, or that 2021 Carrie Bradshaw moment, or maybe it was just my inner emptiness The quiet hum of the state of government, who loves love but wants a white wedding on my terms. But I knew that if there was really only one dress this day, it would be Vivienne Westwood. Putting on my dress for the first time, I felt so unmistakable and unapologetic. A strapless, off-white, corseted Betty Boop style that just skimmed the floor, but I’ve changed to hit my ankles, and here’s my armor going down the aisle, ready for the next chapter . It was perfect and me and my 16 year old self will be forever grateful to Queen Viv for that. “




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