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5 Of The Coolest Haircuts Currently Trending On TikTok

Looking for inspiration for your new year’s haircut? TikTok may be full of weird and wonderful beauty trends—from taking sea moss to latte makeup and beyond–but there is also a wealth of actually useful hairstyle inspiration to be found there, too. Here, Vogue charts five of the most viral cuts on the platform right now.

’90s haircut: 1.4 billion views

A flattering cut on lots of face shapes, the ’90s haircut is huge on TikTok. It might be a broad term–there were a lot of different haircuts back in the ’90s–but in Gen-Z circles, the name refers to a sweeping, Farrah Fawcett-style curtain fringe, lots of layers and voluminous blow dry. For reference, it’s not too far removed from the Princess of Wales’s current look.

French girl haircut: 1 billion views

We’re a nation obsessed with French girl everything. Whether you’re contemplating a French bob or longer locks with Jane Birkin-inspired bangs, the key is to ensure your hair is always a little mussed-up and worn-in–artfully so, of course.

Butterfly haircut: 1.8 billion views

The butterfly cut is an ultra-layered style, which features face-framing pieces that flick away from the face in wing-like formation (hence the name). Best worn with a really shiny, flyaway-free finish, this is another cut that is flattering on most face shapes.

Fulani braids: 19.7 million views

One of the most popular braid hairstyles on TikTok right now? Fulani braids, a protective hairstyle that features cornrows braided down the centre of the head, as well as some in opposite directions. Rihanna and Solange Knowles are just two famous fans of the look.

U-cut: 1.2 billion views

For anyone looking to achieve a beautiful silhouette and add movement to their hair, the U-cut is a great option. When the hair falls behind shoulders, the style features a U-shaped curve. It’s a subtle look, but instantly adds the illusion of volume.



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