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5 pro tips for growing a beard from an all-star barber

Garcia has invested a lot of time in the industry, and a notable change is that men are increasingly stepping up their grooming routines with a range of organic and natural products to choose from. “Over the years, it’s been cool to see men take pride in their care routines and skincare,” he notes. When it comes to tidying up the cool mess of a new beard, taking the time to trim your facial hair is just as important as growing your beard. “I love maintaining and grooming my clients’ beards and getting them lined up and sharp. I take great pride in making sure they’re even, clean, sharp, edgy, and more.”

Here, find Garcia’s tips on how to get a refined beard from the nape of the neck.


” Years of research into moisturizing and stimulating the hair follicles on your face. For me, that means finding a good moisturizer and beard oil for your face. Moisturizing and stimulating can definitely help stimulate hair follicle growth. So that’s really the first step, finding products that work…it’s doing research to see what works for your skin and your body.”

Scotch Porter Beard Conditioning Balm

Shea Butter Moisturizing Beard Conditioning Oil

Keeping Promise

“Longest time I had a client, I would shave the goatee for him, he’d rock for years and he’d be like, ‘I feel like wanting to grow a beard,'” I said, “Yes, you should grow a beard! “For him, it’s the same as mine, it can get a little choppy, I think you should research a couple of oils and see if it works for you, and if it doesn’t, we’ll try another. See’ and then they stop, I guess like any other product for the face or body, you have to use it for a long time to kick in and start to irritate.”


“When you get out of the shower, dry your face and beard, you want to put these oils on. Softens, but if you don’t brush your hair every day, it tangles or dries out easily – you’ll almost end up with a lot of split ends. Like hair, you need to use a beard brush and brush it a lot as you put product in the beard brush. You want it to stay in one direction at all times. I always recommend brushing your beard like you brush your hair. It’s the consistency and you really have to make it a part of your routine. One day you drop it and you’ll notice a big difference.”

Grow Alpha Beard Grooming Kit

Cremo 86% Boar Bristle Beard Brush

Trim when needed

” This is your preference, depending on your daily lifestyle. I have clients who see me twice a week because they are on camera or in meetings almost every day, so they have to be presentable. It really all depends on your lifestyle. When it comes to facial hair, it grows the fastest. When you’re trimmed and lined up, you’ll see the stubble really grow the next day. I highly recommend doing it at least every other week unless you can maintain it between haircuts. “

King C.

Braun All-in-1 8-in-1 Beard Trimmer

Fragrance is an added bonus

“When I look at aftershaves, I look for good smells. Over the years, I’ve stuck with one of them for the longest time. It’s like the old fashioned aftershave and scent I use – I love the smell. Look for products that are already scented—it’s a two-in-one thing. I’ve noticed that a lot of men have sensitive skin and it’s hard for them to use scented products. It’s all preference. I always try to find products for sensitive skin just in case and smell good. “

Chanel Bleu de Chanel After Shave Lotion

The Art of After Shave Cream

Issey Miyake L’Eau d’Issey pour Homme’ Soothing After Shave Balm

Nivea Homme Sensitive Soothing After Shave Balm

Drink water, no!

“补水! 喝大量的水。 人们真正关注的一件事就是他们的饮食。 许多食物可以阻止头发生长的刺激。 Vitamin intake is a big one: Vitamin B12 and Biotin apply to hair growth whether it’s for the top of your head or facial hair. 一般来说,它对于头发生长至关重要。 很多都是内在的,而不仅仅是你穿的衣服的话题。”



Nutrafol 男士头发生长补充剂




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