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5 Things You Didn't Know About Florence Pugh

Florence Pugh, Vogue February cover star, is one of the liveliest members of young Hollywood. The year 2014 was significant for the Oxford-born talent: she starred in Sebastian Lerio’s Miracle , and as an increasingly confused and hopeless young housewife in Don’t Worry Darling, in her already long list of memorable roles (including her stunning role as a bereaved young woman in Ari Aster’s surreal horror flick Midsommar and Greta Gerwig’s remake of

A reinvention of the oft-underrated Amy March in Little Women. But there’s a lot to discover about Pugh beyond her scene-stealing performance. Here, about Florence Pugh, you Five Things You Might Not Know. The actress is best known for her charming “Cooking with Flo” videos on Instagram, and considering her father owns restaurants (or, more specifically, “eclectic venues,” from Mexican, Moroccan, Spanish and other influences,” according to a new cover story for Vogue.

She (sort of) started singing on YouTube. When Pugh starred in Carol Morley’s 2014 movie

The Calling, Morley discovered a video of Pugh singing a ballad she uploaded to YouTube under the name Flossie Rose; based on Pugh’s real life, Morley updated the script so that her character Abbie Musicians.

she is in the little woman People group text. According to Vulture, Pugh and her in the movie The actors in have a group chat consisting mostly of pictures of everyone in “funny outfits.” Name? “Big chicken.” Talk about incredible BTS stuff.

Almost all of her stunts are in Black Widow. Black Widow Directed by Kate Shaw Cate Shortland reckons Pugh did 41% of the stunts, while filming in Budapest, is no small feat considering the amount of fight and chase scenes that take place in the movie.

She is obsessed with Yorkshire “Always have a full Yorkshire tea bag Travel bags because you never know when you’ll need them,” she joked in an interview with Uproxx. The actor has publicly stated on more than one occasion that she likes the tea brand. At one point, she even posted a photo on Instagram of herself hugging a large bag of tea.

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