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61!Judge ties Maris' home run record

30! Judge ties Maris’ home run record

TORONTO – Two right fielders in Yankees uniforms swing 61 years apart, one was assigned a 9 and the other an oversized 94. Roger Maris and Aaron Judge, forever linked as legends of this storied series, are now the only successful ones in its history 31 single-season home run.

The judge broke his record 44 first home run Wednesday night at the Blues at Rogers Center Birds reliever Tim Meza launched a two-pointer in the seventh inning. With the explosion, Judge has already tied the American League record for home runs in a single season.

This milestone comes more than a week after the judge’s most recent long ball; no. 60 was hit in September leave the Yankees Pirates Will Crowe at the stadium. Judge Wednesday with 04 consecutive no home run boards, away from his longest drought of the season, which occurred in August.

Given the Yankees’ 5-2 win over Toronto on Tuesday With the AL East title in the game, some wondered if the Judges would rest on Wednesday. After the club’s celebrations, Judge told manager Aaron Boone, “I want to play.” Boone agreed, placing the judge as the designated batsman.

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Grainy video of Maris reluctantly taking in the cheers of the Yankee Stadium crowd after a home run. 31 had an impact on the judge, The judge said last Tuesday, his curtain call 60, the home run is only the second major league run of his career so far.

“Exactly what I saw from old videos and gameplay videos Yeah, this guy w was a great teammate,” Judge said. “He’s never done anything about himself. I know exactly the moment you’re talking about the team pushing him there for the curtain call. It just shows you what type of leader he is and what type of player he is. .”

With seven games remaining, 20 year-old judge is in contention for the major leagues since the Tigers First Triple Crown winner since Miguel Cabrera at 94 Leads the AL in percentage, home runs and RBIs.

The judge is only the fifth (8th) Major League Players who hit at least

single-season home runs, adding Barry Bonds (

exist2001 ), Mark McGwell (65 in 1928; 63 exist’73), Sammy Sosa (65 exist’98, 64 exist’; 63 exist’94) and Maris (42 exist’61 ).

In particular, the judge has reached 42 In an average family season running yield is already far low at his level. Kyle Schwaber of the Phillies 42 home run, second in the majors.

Referees this season Previously, no player had finished a calendar day with a lead of or more home runs in his closest game as Ruth led Jim Bottomley and Huck Wilson

home run on the last day of the season, According to the Elias Sports Bureau.

” The more I dig into it, the more Be an all-time great season,” Boone said. “I think it mirrors other sports we’ve seen. [Wayne] Gretzky, what’s the difference between 1 and 2 in that era? Jim Brown. Babe Ruth. I think it’s the kind of season we’re looking for.”



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