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6397 Resorts 2024

If there’s one look that defines 6397 a resort collection, it’s a sporty quarter-zip tank paired with a pair of tan trousers with a skirt-like drape . It functions just like any other pants and tank top, but it’s the details that make it even more special. A lot of 6397 utilitarian, minimalist work seems to be asking the question, how far can you strip an idea while retaining its essence? Behold: V-neck top with barely-there stripes. Don’t they remind you vaguely of sweatshirts? The long-sleeve top had an impossibly crew-neck opening—it really looked like a ballerina’s catsuit, come to think of it.

Creative director Stella Ishii started the season with very basic shapes in mind. The basics she’s talking about aren’t something as straightforward as a white T-shirt, but something simpler Something, such as a piece of cloth wrapped around the body. That’s where those trousers came from, as well as wrap-effect skirts, kaftans and blanket-like coats that draped beautifully. The rest of the series is a delicate study. The standout was a sheer wool top in iridescent blue to orange. It underscores this “all is not what it seems” theme.



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