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68 Dresses to Walk the Oscars Red Carpet in Fall 2023

The Oscars red carpet is probably the most important red carpet of the year (well, second only to the Met Gala red carpet, but that’s just us). At the Oscars, actresses (or their stylists) pull out all the stops: the most over-the-top runway gowns, the most glamorous one-offs—the one and only moment when they fly close to the sun and become pop culture moments.

Fall collections just wrapped, and it’s impossible to browse through them without thinking about looks that should be headed to Los Angeles for the Oscars right now. Which skirts are fighting for it? Which dresses have seams that will boost the career of the lucky wearer? Which dresses were last-minute choices that ended up being exactly right? Which Versace dress was snapped up before walking the LA red carpet tonight? We’ll get to know the last of the dresses on Sunday, but in the meantime, here are all the dresses that should walk the Oscars red carpet — and some predictions for the nominated actresses.

Not an actress who came to make friends, she came to win

Alexander McQueen

Alexander McQueen





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