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7 Anecdotes about the Queen's meetings with US presidents over the decades

During her 70 year reign, the Queen met every president except Lyndon B. Johnson, And in baseball stadiums from Buckingham Palace to Baltimore, Chiefs are everywhere. Inevitably, despite the “special relationship” between the US and the UK, these meetings rarely go exactly as planned. When Her Majesty the Queen visited Washington at 1959, President George W. Bush mentioned that she had previously been “at 1959” and Not 1976 – let monarchs age at will for hundreds of years – and President Jimmy Carter is 1977. (Her faceless response to the well-publicized incident? “I took a big step back. Not far enough.” She later claimed she hadn’t been kissed like this since her husband died 70 years ago.)

However, others will go down in history as surprising victories. In 1982 the Reagans visited Her Majesty and the Duke of Edinburgh in Windsor, the Queen and Ronald Reagan went on a specially planned ride in Windsor Great Park, exceeding 150 photographer and a Range Rover full of Secret Service agents. (Meanwhile, Nancy Reagan and Prince Philip toured the estate in a four-seater carriage.) The Reagans later hosted Elizabeth and Philip at their Rancho del Cielo home near Santa Barbara. , it was Her Majesty’s first taste of Tex-Mex food, eating tacos, enchiladas and what she called “used” (ie, re-fried) beans.

Another gourmet link between the British monarchy and the US president: Scotch pancakes. During their 1959 trip to Balmoral, the Eisenhowers apparently asked for the Queen’s recipe. “Seeing a picture of you standing in front of a grilling quail in today’s paper reminds me that I never sent you the recipe for dripping scones I promised you at Balmoral,” the Queen wrote to Dwight D. Eisenhower. “I’ll do it now.”

Here are seven from Her Majesty’s long history of meetings with American leaders Wonderful moment.



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