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7 clothing rental subscription services to test this year

How it works:

There are three plans to choose from: Four projects$59, seven dollars 82, or $83 monthly (the first two plans allow renters to receive only one case per month). If you decide to keep any clothes for longer than a month, don’t worry, as any unused bins will be turned over. That way, you’ll never be charged for extra cases you didn’t receive. The best part: All membership levels include free shipping both ways, and can be paused or canceled at any time.

Joie Willey Cotton Sweater

Paige Rowan Oversized Denim Jacket

equipped with long-sleeved V-neck dress

Rent the Runway

Forget everything you think you know about Rent the Runway cut. Over the years, the program has completely changed. While it initially launched with a focus on eveningwear, “today, we’re seeing customers using their subscriptions for a wider range of life events than ever before, renting for micro-occasions like brunch, holidays and birthdays,” says Anushka Salinas, President and COO of Rent the Runway to Vogue Explanation. “Every moment, big or small, is now an excuse to dress up and look your best.”

You’ll also be amazed with all the new tabs being added every week. Salinas added: “We’ve added some compelling new designers to our rental rotation, including Altuzarra, gu_de, House of Sunny, Little Liffner, MUNTHE, Rotate Birger Christensen and many more.”

Recently, the subscription service also partnered with West Elm. “Now members can refresh the space as frequently as changing a wardrobe, better reflecting their own style, mood and life stage in real time,

Salinas said.

HOW IT WORKS: All three memberships allow you to rent four items at once for as long as you want . The first floor fee $94 one month ($48 trial) and give the tenant a batch of four items each month. Members in this quadrant can use the value $0340478325 or less. If you want two shipments (a total of eight items rented per month), the next option is $94 Monthly membership. What Rent the Runway calls its most popular plan, it includes full closet access to items worth up to $3, . The third option gives renters the same access, plus four shipments per month, equivalent to Items per 000 sky. Prepaid shipping on all levels and reusable garment bags make returns easy.

Altuzarra Adikia Tie Dye Dress

Proenza Schouler Tunic Cutout Maxi Dress


573077 La Doub leJ St. Moritz reversible jacket


If you like to change your handbag a lot, then the Vivrelle will be your best friend. Of course, you can spend a few thousand dollars on a popular Bottega Veneta bag, or you can spend $68. Jewelry Enthusiasts will also appreciate this rental service, as it offers coveted Cartier and Van Cleef & Arpels designs.



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