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7 Simple Healthy Habits I Developed After My Game-Changing Detox Retreat

There are many changes we can make to improve our physical and mental health, and not all of them will be dramatic. Simple tweaks to our daily routines can actually benefit our overall health significantly. Detox retreats are great for realigning, but perhaps the most important part of any wellness journey is being equipped with the tools to improve your future lifestyle. A good retreat offers clients advice on developing positive (and most importantly, achievable) habits after returning to the hectic pace of real life.

I recently spent a weekend at the Palasiet clinic in Spain and left with a new appreciation for how effective small, positive changes can be. Below are new habits I’ve picked up and benefited from as I adjusted myself.

Less time on social media and more time on meal planning

When I explained to Irene Domínguez, nutritionist and head of the clinic’s nutrition department, that one of the biggest obstacles I faced in improving my diet was lack of time to cook, she pointed out that the problem is often not a lack of time, but how we manage it. We do have time. “Think about the amount of time you spend on social media, which you can reduce,” she said. The time I save can be used to “plan menus, shop and cook,” she adds. From now on, I’ll limit my scrolling time (the average daily usage for most people is two hours and 23 minutes) and get better organized in the kitchen. As Paula Valiente, another nutritionist on the team, told me, “Improvising in front of the fridge is the worst way to start a meal.”


I’ve been doing a quick workout routine for a while now, but I’ve always neglected to stretch. Blunder. The Palasiet team noted that stretching is not only critical for injury prevention, but it can also help avoid bad posture. The clinic measures the height of clients on arrival and says many visitors have found themselves a centimeter taller after attending a week of muscle-chain stretching sessions.

Add Strength Training to Your Workout

After a thorough analysis of my metabolic metrics, Dominguez urged me to add strength training to my routine because it boosts my metabolism more than cardio. Strength training has been shown to increase your basal metabolic rate.

Thoughts to consider today

Lourdes Ramón, the clinic’s resident psychologist, invited me to create a little habit after waking up that she says will revolutionize the way I approach my day. “It’s good to wake up, do some stretches and mindful breathing, and then write down the first thought that pops into your head,” she says. Not only that, but she recommends smiling to send positive signals to the brain. She insists that we have more control over our emotions than we think and that if we choose to face the day with optimism, it can have a positive impact.

Make Your Breakfast Organic

Everyone knows the benefits of eating lots of fresh organic produce. If nothing else, Dominguez recommends sticking to organic eggs and milk for your weekly grocery shopping. “We eat what animals eat,” she said.

Make “atomic” changes

Ramon emphasizes the importance of small changes for humans, because humans are ultimately creatures of habit. “Small changes can make a huge difference in life—they’re more positive and effective.” She points to James Clare’s bestselling book, Atomic Habits , which argues that you don’t need to make huge changes in order to completely change your life in a positive way.

Prioritize texture

Small tweaks can make a lunch salad more appealing. Valiente recommends combining as much texture as possible with lots of crunchy vegetables. “Add crunch by roasting chickpeas, which can also be spiced up,” she suggests.




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