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8 Celebrity Handbags That Are Trending This Summer

You may imagine that an A-lister’s wardrobe is an ever-evolving array of designer goods. It’s not atypical for celebrities to rock a fresh-off-the-runway look once, only to never see them in it again. And we get it: There’s pressure to always deliver new fashion moments, especially when the paparazzi is watching your every move. That being said, it’s pretty insane—not to mention unsustainable—to never re-wear anything. So, we’ve been keeping track of the handbags that stars can’t stop wearing again and again. 

Some of the season’s most-worn celebrity handbags? There’s been a mixture of discreet crossbodys, monogrammed totes, and sequined party bags. Though many of these handbags are investment pieces—see Selena Gomez’s favorite $4,900 sequined Fendi baguette—stars have gotten a lot of wear out of them, styling them with a variety of outfits from casual to dressy. Consider it proof that, with the right styling approach, your favorite accessory can always feel fresh and new. Who needs 30 different bags, when you can find one perfect one?

Below, 8 It bags and the celebrities who love them. 

Angelina Jolie’s monogrammed Celine tote

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