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8 film composers on how they capture horror and tension

If this year’s horror movies are any proof, then what you’re hearing may be as scary as what you’re seeing, or even scarier. This is thanks in part to the film’s composer, who has a definite ability to translate social, physical, metaphorical and even unnatural and uncanny elements of a story into tangible, audible emotions.

In the specific case of horror films, the foremost emotional composer was commissioned to illustrate and generate fear – an umbrella that covers everything from fear and anxiety to painful pain and discomfort like feeling.

But with the variety of horror movies, how one composer infuses that horror and creates an aural soundscape for the horror of the story, that goes into their heads (and under the skin) as well The audience, may be completely different from the next one.

At the end of the day, the different genres of a film, its setting, characters, perspective, etc., can affect the film’s music just as much as the composer’s own musical background, training, and style.

Among the series of horror films released this year, 2022 the eight composers behind the films Savage , body, body, body , fresh , good night mom , pearl,black phone,menu and ummadiscussion How they addressed the fear in the score.




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