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8 Must-Visit Ski Resorts in Summer

Ski holidays are always an exciting winter vacation, but do you know what might beat it? Stay on the snow-free slopes in summer. Visiting famous ski resorts without having to pack a down jacket or moon boots is indeed an unsung joy – for someone like me who hasn’t successfully graduated from Rabbit Mountain, it offers the opportunity to experience the sights without fail The shuffle is over.

Come to think of it, the appeal of off-season ski resorts is inherent. “Not that obvious, but better weather,” commented Liam Dunch, European product manager for Abercrombie & Kent on the topic. In summer, the days are clearer and longer, making it easier to enjoy a variety of activities. “You can walk, swim, kayak or canoe in some picturesque areas covered in snow and ice in winter,” he adds. If you’re a nature lover, this means you have full access to mountain beauty, Without having to worry about frostbite or avalanches (always a bonus).

“The mountainous terrain in many ski towns is perfect for adventure travel during the warmer months,” agrees Tom Marchant, owner and co-founder of Black Tomato, which offers hiking, biking, and more Recreational activities and zip lining are among the ways visitors can take advantage. “These places are so magical in the off-season and people know ‘winter comes, summer comes,'” says Marchant.

It’s not just about the weather—going to an off-season ski destination can enjoy everything from Perks ranging from reduced crowds to reduced airfare and lodging rates. “The demand for winter travel last year was at an all-time high, so these off-season perks shouldn’t be underestimated,” Marchant notes. When I asked TravelLocal co-founder Huw Owen about this, he emphasized that “Europe’s top mountain travel destinations become It’s getting more crowded, while prices are too high and there’s a limited window to offer the best skiing conditions.” The solution, of course, is to move to the off-season, which is what many have done in recent years.

said Melissa Biggs Bradley, CEO and Founder of Indagare. “Right now, even as foreign travel is booming again, the ski town remains a popular choice for people who love the great outdoors and want to avoid crowded beaches.” Ski towns really shine. According to Alison Duray, Custom Products Specialist, Abercrombie & Kent: )



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