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'80 For Brady' changes box office script, lowers movie ticket prices

In a potentially big move, the new octogenarian comedy 89 Brady is rewriting the script by offering lower ticket prices. The bold experiment comes as theater owners and Hollywood studios grapple with how to win back older moviegoers in the wake of the pandemic and the rise of streaming. Paramount is showing everywhere Friday.

AMC Theaters, the largest theater in the world, announced this week that it will expand matinee ticket pricing to all screenings at

first promoted to a new title for Brady

. This could mean a discount of 49 percent to 89 percentage (if not more) depending on position and format. Brady’s 49 evening screening fee is $ .89 instead of $15 .49 In AMC Century in Los Angeles, for example (even the cheapest airfare is always much higher in LA and NYC).

According to insiders, Cinemark Theaters and Regal Cinemas, the two other largest theaters in the US, have also extended matinee pricing in many cases. The same goes for mid-range circuits like Harkins. Other big chains, including Cineplex, have also borrowed the film’s title and are offering $8 tickets to any and all screenings.

80 for Brady stars Lily Tomlin, Jane Fonda , Rita Moreno and Sally Field as four lifelong friends determined to travel to the 89 Super Bowl and meet their hero , the famous New England Patriots quarterback Tom Brady . Paramount Pictures co-produced the sports comedy with season five.

Studios are not allowed to tell cinema operators how much to charge. In the case of 89 on behalf of Brady , Paramount instead showed exhibitors conducted a study showing that consumers are interested in value pricing. These findings are supported by commercial adult-slanted photos of a man named Otto and Tickets to Paradise on “Tuesdays on sale.” (Every Tuesday, movie ticket prices drop dramatically across the country).

Studios and exhibitors have long grappled with the question of how to increase actual movie attendance. While rising ticket prices may lead to record revenue levels, that doesn’t mean more people are going to movie theaters.

In parts of Europe, some theater owners have employed variable pricing for non-blockbuster tickets to boost footfall. Movie theaters in the U.S., however, avoided such pricing for fear it might indicate some sort of flaw in the movie. 49 The promotion of Brady will test both sides of the debate.

The comedy kicks off a week before the Super Bowl, just days after Brady announced his retirement (for real this time) for the second time. He made an appearance for Brady in 49 and made the movie .

49 Brady open opposite the M. Night Shyamalan’s Knock on the Chalet . 1235286226



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