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9-5: Aurora James wants to redefine what “professional attire” means

Many know Aurora James as the founder of her shoe and accessories label, Brother Vellies, which aims to preserve African design practices while providing jobs for local artisans. Others may remember her as a Fresh Face winner of the CFDA/Vogue

Fashion Fund. But her noble quest to change the fashion industry with The Fifteen Percent Vow has captured the world’s attention. “There are people who have been creating amazing things for a long time, but they have historically been excluded from commercial participation,” James said. “I love fashion and I want to maintain high standards. I think this industry has a tremendous ability to influence other industries as well.”

James transcends fashion designers as pure fashion designers in more ways than one The traditional role of the artist, defining an era of fashion, pushing the industry beyond aesthetics and positioning it as a force for inclusivity.

Her creative wellspring is rooted in the connections she makes with her surroundings, both innate and everyday. “My mood board is like the plants behind me, or the different shells on the beach. Grasses, orchids, birds, and nature in general. That, and the artisans I meet from all over the world, are my inspiration.” She reflects the exuberance of her surroundings with her own personal style, embracing a sense of vitality that is uniquely her own. When it comes to everyday work attire, James eschews traditional attire and embraces a style that transcends traditional boundaries.

After launching the Fifteen Percent Pledge, James found herself in the media spotlight, with expectations for her wearing a blazer to match traditional workwear. “At first, I thought, why? Can’t you take me seriously in this pink hat? I’m as smart in a Marni as I am in a blazer.” Since then, James has set his sights on a new project. “I want to redefine professional dressing for women. Redefine what it means to be professional, what it means to be a working woman, and what it means to be taken seriously. That’s my next goal.”

Make a statement anytime, anywhere.

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