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9 Things to Know About Marilyn Monroe's Beauty Regime

From her bee-sting red lips to her signature platinum-blonde curls, Marilyn Monroe was—and still is—the ultimate bombshell and beauty icon; The glamor bias resonates with many of us today. On her 81 birthday, Vogue Check out the star’s old Hollywood beauty routine.

She stays away from the sun

“I’m personally against tanning because I like to go blonde all over,” Monroe explains why she doesn’t tan — despite the fact that it’s “California fashion.” So forget about the bronzers and fake tans we swear by today.

She likes a very specific blonde shade

If you were wondering what hair color Monroe requested when she graced the colorist’s chair, you probably wouldn’t guess it was “white pillowcase”. According to author Pamela Keogh, Monroe bleached her hair every three weeks through a roster of hairstylists, including Pearl Porterfield (who also cared for Jean Harlow’s light blond hair) and Kenneth Battelle. To avoid washing too much (which can affect the color), she swears by a makeshift dry shampoo — Johnson’s Baby Powder — every two days to keep her hair looking fresh.

Tips from makeup artists for lip augmentation

How do I get the full, pouty lips Marilyn is known for? Smart use of lipstick, no less. Her makeup artist would apply as many as five different shades of red—a darker fuchsia on the outside, a lighter red on the inside—to create dimension and volume. It’s a neat trick that many makeup artists still use today.

She knows the importance of sleep

A woman who enjoys sleep, Monroe sleeps five to Sleeps a few on a large single bed Hour. on Sunday? “[It’s] my day of complete leisure. I sometimes take two hours to wake up, savoring every last drowsiness,” she told Pageant magazine said in the interview.

What she wears when she sleeps

Chanel No. 5 Eau du Parfum spray

Monroe was notorious for going to bed without clothes on, she said pajamas and “lingering” Creepy pajamas” disrupted her sleep. However, she did wear five drops of Chanel No. 5, which she reportedly added to her ice baths.

Yes… Ice bath

While Wim Hof ​​and many other athletes have popularized icy cold showers and baths, Marilyn is way ahead. It is said that she used to take ice water baths to make her skin firm and firm.





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