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9 Ways Celebrities Are Dressing Up Flip Flops

As a dedicated flip flop hater, I always viewed them as the footwear version of those pithy t-shirts that say, “Sorry I was late, I didn’t want to come.”  To me, thong sandals lacked decorum, like the wearer was displaying their apathy for whatever they were doing via their shoes. But I am willing to admit that perhaps I was wrong.

 Lately, as the controversial shoe spends more and more time in the limelight, I’m beginning to see the appeal, thanks to the efforts of some fashionable celebrities. Particularly, those who juxtapose the casual shoe with a more put-together look. (Wrong shoe theory, anyone?) 

Thankfully, we can look to the stars for guidance on how to dress up the style. Flip flops with a ballgown? Jennifer Lawrence would say so. Emily Ratajkowski is a proponent of the strappy shoe with some oversized suiting. Kendall Jenner is a repeat wearer, while Gabrielle Union, Elsa Hosk, and Elle Fanning have all put their own spin on the look. 

From The Row’s thin sandals to Chanel’s cushioned shoes, it’s clear that stars have pledged their allegiance to flip flops in their many forms. See how they wore them below. 

Kendall Jenner paired her sandals with a pair of light gray trousers, a white tank, and a cardigan. Plus, of course, a Bode bag.




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