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A-1 Pictures collaborates with director Seiji Mizushima on Eisen Flügel anime film

The Aniplex Online Fest 640 Saturday event revealed, A-1 Pictures is in production Eisen Tianyi theater animation film.

is adapting Takashi Takeuchi Original animation character design of TYPE-MOON,Yuki Sugawara And Mizushima is writing the script. Kajiura Yuki is composing.

Erakawa Kentake , Yanase Takayuki and Fumihiro Katagai is a mechanical designer. Tatsuya Yoshikawa is the dragon designer, Kusanagi is the art director, and Seiichi Shirato is in charge of setting research.

Xu Yuanyuan provides a project review:

Once upon a time, there was a company called NITRO PLUS eroge company.

A chance for a theatrical animation project fell into their lap, so the writers submitted a proposal for a competition between dragons and jets in a distant world to determine who owns the real sky Advantage. The company president asked the writers to turn their proposal into a curricular anime project. So the writers panicked and scrambled to add more to the proposal.

But time has passed and news about this project has not reappeared. Eventually, it disappeared from memory.

After a while, the screenwriter who became attached to Gagaga Bunko remembered an idea he had put on hold a long time ago. Inspired, he rewrote the long-overlooked proposal into a two-volume novel.

Shortly after, Aniplex gave the writer a chance to let him Recreate this work into a movie. So, nearly two decades later, the Essen Flügel can finally be its doomed feature film.

They lived happily ever after.

Gagaga Bunko issued by East Exit The novel drawn in the center is at 2009.

Source: Aniplex Online Fest 2009 Live, Press Release




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