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A Beauty Editor’s Experience With The Nue Co Functional Fragrance

I consider myself someone who stays calm under pressure. Despite what life throws my way—from arduous travel days to unexpected mishaps—I try my best to maintain a positive disposition. This is not to say I have not been met with my fair share of unpleasant circumstances, but that finding ways to stay grounded has improved my life immensely. My most foolproof solution? Fragrance.

A little over a year ago, I began my fragrance journey. In a quest to find my signature scent, I studied the industry’s most coveted perfumes and colognes. Plus, I’ve written extensively on all things olfactory. I’ve asked luxury retailers to share which perfumes rank as their best-selling blends. I’ve asked Vogue editors to reveal their hero scents and New York’s coolest guys to dish on their go-to colognes. I’ve even spoken to bold-faced individuals who have lent their famous faces to fragrances. All this to say, I’ve learned—and smelled—a lot of scents.

While a spritz of a favorite fragrance does give me a quick pick me up, none of them ground me quite like The Nue Co’s Functional Fragrance. I was first introduced to the scent when I read about Vogue fashion & style writer Christian Allaire’s cologne hunt. “Consider it like a stress ball, only in cologne form,” he wrote. I was instantly intrigued, especially since I was completely unfamiliar with the brand—one that prioritizes inner beauty with a line of fragrances, supplements, and skin-care products targeting full-body wellness.

The Nue Co.

Functional Fragrance

“Back in 2018, we set out to create an instantly acting anti-stress supplement,” explains Flo Glendenning, vice president of product and sustainability at The Nue Co. Capsules, tinctures, and powders wouldn’t have the instantaneousness The Nue Co. was after, so the delivery was in question until a chance meeting introduced Glendenning to perfumer, Frank Voelkl. The Nue Co’s eyes were then opened to the powers and influence of fragrance.

“Scientists believe scent contributes to controlling mood, memory, and emotion,” says Glendenning. Utilizing results of a five-year study done at the University of Geneva’s Brain and Behavior Laboratory, which studied the impact of fragrance on your state of mind, The Nue Co. crafted the scent.



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