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A Bodybuilder Shares Common Mistakes That Could Be Holding You Back

In a new video on his YouTube channel, bodybuilder and fitness influencer Will Tan Neeson recounts what he believes are a few common reasons why you may not be getting the muscle gains you want despite seemingly doing all the right things in your workouts and diet.

First, he says, you may be underestimating how much protein you need. Tennyson compares walking into the gym without eating the necessary protein to walking into a strip club without any singles: “Nothing’s going to happen.” Likewise, if you’re just not eating enough, it’s hard to see results in your training . “When you’re trying to build muscle, don’t be afraid to put on some fat,” he says. “I’m not talking about getting fat, but you need to have a little excess, maybe 200 or 300 calories, to maximize muscle gain.”

That said, ” If it fits your macro’, it’s easy to justify eating anything. Tennyson also has some experience with this, but ultimately he recommends eating high-quality whole foods, which will help you perform better. He also advises against relying too heavily on supplements, or viewing them as a substitute for hard work. “There are no supplements that can be legally purchased that will prove that you cannot give 100% effort,” He says.

Speaking of training, inconsistent form in practice is another common mistake. “It’s easy to go to the gym every week to gain weight,” Tennyson said, “but if you’re not building muscle the way you lose weight, it’s pointless.”

He advises Photograph yourself from time to time to make sure you demonstrate the same technique and do what works for you instead of just imitating the more accomplished ones you’ve seen What weightlifters do. At the same time, however, Tennyson believes that overly strict form can be a scam, and cheating in the final set can help you get closer to failure – as long as it doesn’t become a habit to start a session.


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