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A Celebrity Colorist Reveals the Best Tactics for Going Gray

When I ask Cunningham what advice she would give someone considering whitening, I wish she told me it’s all about strategically placed highlights to soften root growth. Instead, she suggests going a purer route: “You just have to embrace it and let it grow,” she says. “You don’t want to bleach all your hair and then dye it gray; it’s not going to look as good. I met Kristen McMenamy at Easter one year and she had huge roots—she said her hair was growing out A year later, she was on the cover of Vogue

, all white and beautiful. After that, Lady Gaga got a gray wig and all Young girls want to go gray. She started a revolution!”

Sharon Stone.

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While colored hair needs formula to strengthen and strengthen, the biggest problem with gray hair is its tendency to look dull because Metals and minerals can build up in hair when exposed to tap water. “If you want a really beautiful, bright gray, you’ve got to try Olaplex’s chelating treatment to keep it alive.” Available only at UK salons, Cunningham also swears by the treatment to boost blonde— — She told me a story about the time she was going to color Khloé Kardashian’s hair and chelate it in the prep, and the couple decided they didn’t actually have it because of its brightening effect, Khloé My hair won’t need to be dyed in another month. She also recommends the brand’s No 4C Bond Maintenance Clarifying Shampoo to keep hair shiny without falling out.



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