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A Closer Look at Aubrey Plaza's '70s-Inspired SAG Awards Look

While many of the cast of Aubrey Plaza’s The White Lotus were in attendance at last night’s SAG Awards (the series won Best Drama Ensemble award), a different cast reunion happened in the run-up to the cast’s return to the hotel: Plaza brought her Parks and Recreation co-star Amy Poehler ( Amy Poehler) for her extra credit for the night. “Best date ever,” Plaza told Vogue.

It’s a big night for the Plaza. “It’s amazing to know that so many people watch our work,” she said of White Lotus . “It’s every actor’s dream and I’m so proud to be a part of this cast. It’s such a talented group of people.” Reflecting on her split character, Harper, Plaza said her favorite part of the character is Navigate her complicated relationship with Ethan (Will Sharp). “I like Harper’s intelligence, and how protective she is of Ethan. She is not afraid to be herself in any situation, and I admire her.”

Plaza himself The same can be said for the way she walks the red carpet. “I [always] want to feel like a higher version of myself,” she says. “I like to feel as sexy, comfortable and authentic as possible.” For the SAG Awards, Plaza continued that energy. The star said she wanted to get the attention of “screen sirens” with her look, and her shimmering bronze custom dress from the Michael Kors collection — complete with a criss-cross neckline and midriff-exposing cutout — was the perfect way to achieve that. The perfect piece on target that embodies a little studio style vibrancy. “We tried to create a modern 70 vibe,” Plaza said. “I love the beautiful brown color of this dress and the sexy cutout. It feels sexy but not overly so. Glamorous and chic.” She wears Mouawad jewelry worth more than $1.2 million.

One last great red carpet moment at the Plaza this coming month. Her new action spy film Operation Fortune (where she stars with Jason Statham) premieres March 3, which means we have even more Lots of her outfits to look forward to.

Below, see how Plaza prepares for the SAG Awards with Poehler.



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