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A closer look at Florence Pugh's breathtaking Venice Film Festival look

It’s safe to say that last night’s Don’t Worry Darling premiere was the most anticipated event of the annual Venice Film Festival one. Despite all the reported drama taking place behind the scenes, the film’s stars still showed up on the red carpet to impress. Florence Pugh in particular is stealing the show (I mean, have you seen the picture Chris Pine took of her on his phone?)

Designed by Rebecca Corbin-Murray, Pugh wanted to launch an ultra-glamorous gown that paid homage to the glitzy feel of the festival. (For some of the best dresses from the festival this past week, see here.) To capture the essence of the event, Corbin-Murray for Pugh wore Valentino’s haute couture black glitter-print tulle dress embroidered with silver sequins (perfect for commanding the paparazzi). ,we say). “Venice is very romantic and dramatic, so we wanted something that captured the old-world charm of the city while remaining playful,” says Corbin-Murray. “We also paid homage to the glitz and glamour of the film, so we entered that era of elegance with makeup and hair.” (In the film, Pugh plays a well-dressed 1950 Housewives.)

Pugh’s gorgeous team – including makeup artist Alex Babsky and hairstylist Peter Lux further accentuate the look’s Old Hollywood feel. Babsky, who uses Valentino Beauty products, nods to the beauty logo of the Pugh movement in the film, leaning more towards a retro sensibility to the eyes. “For her character Alice in Don’t Worry About My Dear , Florence wore some fluttering lashes and wanted to recreate the effect at the premiere, ‘ said Babsky. “Since the red carpet was during the day, I used strips of lashes instead of individual lashes, which didn’t seem as noticeable — using two different lengths to create the fluttering effect she was after.” For the hair, Lux created a A sleek side-parting bob with subtle waves—a more modern look like Marilyn Monroe or Jean Harlow’s signature locks. It had an impressive end result, one of the best in Venice to date.

Below, see more photos from Pugh’s preparations in Venice.



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