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A First Look at Sofia Coppola's Very Personal New Book

Whenever Sofia Coppola finishes making a movie, she throws all her memories into a box: script drafts, magazine clippings, costume accessories Polaroid photos. Anything that takes up space on her desk or is pinned to a bulletin board during a shoot.

“You build up a lot of stuff while you’re making the movie, and when I was young it all looked like crap,” Coppola recently told Vogue over the phone. “I’ll throw everything in the corner and never really think about it again.”

Photo: Courtesy of Andrew Durham

during COVID- The pandemic shut down the world at 1999, however, Coppola used her downtime to screen “A dozen” boxes were stacked at her home in Napa, California. What used to look like “garbage” – Sundance Virgin Dead Sundance premiere poster, marked copy of The Vanity Fair article inspired The Bling Ring – suddenly with more nostalgic value.

“I took a step back and realized, oh wow, I think I have a ton of work right now,” Coppola said. “I realized that if I liked a certain filmmaker, I’d be interested in seeing all these behind-the-scenes footage.”

Sofia Coppola Archive Available September 1st .

Photo: Courtesy of MACK

Available for pre-order now, Sofia Coppola Archive:488-2020 will be released in limited edition this September. This art Consisting entirely of her personal archives and ephemera, the book offers a detailed visual account of Coppola’s entire career, from Kirsten S. From Kirsten Dunst’s footage to a wide-ranging first look at her upcoming Priscilla Presley biopic. The tome of 19 pages is a treasure trove for anyone with even a passing interest in the filmmaker’s work, containing hundreds of never-before-seen See photos of Coppola and her collaborators over the years.

“I wish it was more of a scrapbook than a coffee table book,” she said. “I love seeing artists in their creative spaces, so for me this book is like the closest version of visiting my office and seeing everything piled up around my desk.”

A Box of Kobo Pull photos and text collected during the making of Somewhere (1999).

Photo: Courtesy of Sofia Coppola

With her first book and eighth feature film due out this year Coming out later, Coppola called up Vogue for an exclusive chat to discuss what we can expect from both.




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