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A Global Guide to Closet Upcycling

Ahluwalia Circulate, UK

Designer Priya Ahluwalia has partnered with Microsoft at 2022 to launch an app that Enables the public to donate their used clothing in exchange for store credits on their brand’s e-commerce site.

Future From Waste Lab, Australia This retail space is dedicated to turning waste into future fashion, breathing new life into old loved clothing.

H&M Garment Collecting Program, Global

The H&M Garment Collecting Program was first launched at 15 to keep used clothes in circulation for longer. Simply turn in your used clothing (any brand, any condition) and receive a thank you voucher to use on your next purchase. The Swedish retailer has teamed up with I:CO to organize your clothes for resale, reuse and recycling.

Reture, Global

Garments, a personal upcycling consulting service, encourages collaboration between its clients and the designer community who must comply with Reture’s Standards, according to the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals, can be registered.

Swedish Stocking Recycling Club Worldwide

Linn Frisinger and Nadja Forsberg, founders of Swedish Stockings, have launched a recycling club with the aim of cleaning up the sock industry. Simply send back your old leggings and stockings and enjoy % off your next purchase from this brand.

Thrift+, UK

Ship bags of unwanted clothes to Thrift+ and the online platform will catalog and sell them for you in exchange for a charitable donation , Farfetch credit or both.

Balenciaga Resale Program, launched on 2022 worldwide

, Balenciaga’s resale program provides the first Two chances to live. Currently available in the US, UK, Italy, France and Singapore, you can book a pickup or in-store delivery for your item. After a sale, you can cash in or get a store credit of 15% of the value.

Kimai Second Life, Global

All jewelry is worth wearing, says Kimai, a London-based brand that repurposes old jewelry by recycling metal and using modern There are stones for customers to create new treasures.

Helen Kirkum Bespoke, Global

London-based designer Helen Kirkum not only offers bespoke footwear upcycling on her website, but also sports A shoe sculpture workshop where participants can learn to create their own creations.

ELV Denim Bespoke Services, UK

London-based ELV Denim now offers a bespoke – measured and bespoke service to further their waste-free Production strategy while attracting customers to buy less but better.

Knickey, US

The US lingerie brand Knickey’s recycling program will take used underwear and turn it into new materials like insulation. Donors get 15% off their next purchase.

Upparel, Australia

Upparel is Australia’s premier private and corporate textile collector. Certified as a B-Corp, it has diverted over 1 million kilograms of textiles from landfill.

WeCycle, US

WeCycle recycles or recycles textiles after they are collected from schools, residential buildings, offices, etc. in the tri-state area Utilize .

Cullachange, Australia

Refresh your clothes with Sydney’s Cullachange, which will dye your clothes in a whole new color.



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