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A Look Back at 8 of Sofia Coppola’s Most Stylish Films

A natural successor to Lick the Star’s tender and thorny depiction of teenhood is this sun-dappled cult classic, which follows the luminous Lisbon sisters, as played by the enchanting Kirsten Dunst, Chelse Swain, A. J. Cook, Leslie Hayman, and Hanna R. Hall. Stifled by their overprotective Catholic parents, they grow listless and then rebellious, climbing trees, breaking curfew, and sneaking off with boys while dressed in floaty floral frocks, crop tops, and lace, accessorized with dainty gold jewelry. And as for the objects of their affection? None can top Josh Hartnett as their school’s swaggering heartthrob, who somehow makes a bowl cut, leather jacket, beaded necklace, and orange-tinted aviators look unspeakably hot.

Lost in Translation (2003)

This wistful, sweeping mood piece, which earned Coppola a best original screenplay Oscar, remains her best: the gentle and expertly calibrated tale of two strangers—Scarlett Johansson’s recent Yale graduate and newlywed, and Bill Murray’s fading movie star, both in the midst of personal crises—who cross paths at the sleek hotel bar at the Park Hyatt Tokyo. Their adventure through the neon-drenched, cacophonous capital takes them to sushi bars, arcades, strip clubs, and karaoke dens, with each scene revealing their increasing closeness through stolen glances and knowing smiles. Although our heroine is hardly a fashion plate—in fact, she sets herself up as the bookish, introverted antithesis of Anna Faris’s gregarious, karate-chopping Hollywood starlet—there’s a quiet elegance to her asymmetric tops, crisp shirting, and slouchy tailored trousers. See photos of Coppola calling the shots on set, and you’ll find that they look strikingly similar.

Marie Antoinette (2006)



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