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A New Era of Commuter Shoes You'll Want to Continue

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Ah, commuter sneakers. Throwing away sneakers from home to the office has long been romanticized. The film shows women trudging to work in elderly-friendly rubber-soled sneakers, dragging their heels onto the subway, then galloping to the office, taking off their anchor sneakers and putting on slender stilettos to pierce the glass ceiling, leaving them rich I moved myself to Suite C. Cough, Working girl, Anyone?

But actually, commuter sneakers are ugly. It’s the frayed eyes of the sleek suit look, the beacons of dirt and the annoyingly awkward bullseye. (A’80s socked shims up to shin is just the heminous cherry on top!)

whenever I Wear commuter sneakers, usually my worn out Nike running sneakers, I know I’ll take them off while sitting in my office chair and touch the sneakers that are everywhere in the city from the public bathroom

th and 8th to a stagnant puddle outside my house. My commuter sneakers may be a precursor to the Black Death of this era, and my hands are it. In short, the commuter sneaker is a constant reminder of unprofessional dirt and grit that comes with professional hustle. I don’t want to be reminded!

However, I had no choice but to slip my hooves into my commuter sneakers. Case in point: Yesterday, I found on a glorious eBay: $ – Gucci stiletto boots from the Tom Ford era. But if any heel can kill, it’s this one, and I’m going to be the victim. At the end, my foot hurt. No, they are on fire. I limped to my open desk…no C suite for moi! Not that sad and scarred gait – and conceit!



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