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A Pair of Cuckoos – Episode 18

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Well, I’ll give it to

: In fact, they did have reasons and plans for Sachi to leave last week due to illness. Turns out her illness wasn’t just for Shion to join the trip, it was also a contraption that motivated Nagi to leave training camp early in the episode! It’s a standard setup for the series, but it also opens up the opportunity for some more interesting plot directions, as well as some respectable character moments. So I’ll let Cuckoos

have this, especially considering me The previous situation so pointedly questioned the reasons for the narrative decision, now knowing that they technically had one. Don’t be right to me Cuckoo This week, because in this episode, things do feel stronger across the board. And that’s not even entirely due to Shion’s more dynamic presence this time around! Of course, he’s still there, which means he’ll continue to function even after training camp is over, still seemingly in line with Segawa on their shared flanking skills. But like Segawa himself in these endeavors, many characters, especially Nagi, seem to just take more initiative, keeping up with the plot’s conspiracy events. I guess that’s how you know the season has to end because there’s more obvious character development and a couple of story points back into focus. to follow up The biggest thing in the logo has to be that damn family photo showing Erika and Nagi together as kids, which is already the one thing that got me back on my feet at the first end of this show course. It turns out that the photo that Mr. Amano planted there was not only part of his ongoing puzzling scheme of baby-conversion marriage arrangements, but Erika was aware of its existence, and now Segawa has caught on. Honestly, the latter is kind of funny because Segawa only discovered what the core plot of the whole show was a few episodes ago, but as a way for her to get a little bit deeper into things and potentially have something happened and I’m very happy. Not just her angle, I think we’re all trying to figure out what this picture means , and how this all affects what Erika knows about her past and how she uses social media when looking for someone. Well, at this point, we can pretty much connect the dots ourselves, but there’s still a lot to dig out as to how much Erika actually knows/remembers about the situation and how ridiculous the father who raised her really is. arranged all this.

But even with all this It’s just the complex set of curiosities that made itself known in the final point of the episode, and the rest of it still does a better job of tone and character work than it did last week. It didn’t start out as the funniest, took a solid gut test of the underlying interest of the plot, and spoiled it by tackling last week’s subplot of Erica forgetting her underwear, which came so quickly you had to wonder why They even bother. But it does allow the scene between her and Nagi to stand in stark contrast to how disinterested the chemistry between her and poor desperate Shion was in the last episode, and lead to some really compelling happenings between our cover couple moment. Like both of them wanting to scare people for fun, she commented that she got a small boost in life from him and was effective in marketing Erika and Nagi as their tangled family situation positioned them as . This sets the stage for a comeback at the end of the episode, with Nagi hinting at learning more about Erika in a way that will pay off about her past and that picture. For Segawa , she still acted like she was on deck this episode, sticking to what she knew about the photo and her alliance with Shion. Here, I should stress that I feel a little bad about Segawa and the audience supporting her, especially since I’m one of them. She has a strong rapport with Nagi just in this simple interaction in this episode, and he’s still written that he’s obsessed with her, which is also evident in a setting like this. But she’s just unilaterally denied the chance to be part of this core romantic conflict, and both she and Sachi are doomed to lose out to conceptual core and cover girl Erika. I know the (often overly long) journey is more interesting than the destination in a romance series like this, but it still just taunts her for being Nagi’s best girl, when the meta aspect of the story fails to convince us that he’ll end up with him for being close with anyone other than Erika. Nagi does continue to give A valid interval for his feelings though, in this episode, returning to Sachi’s side at the last minute, while contrived as mentioned earlier, does sound sweet. Part of it might be my weakness in caring about sibling stories (no real romantic attachment), but it’s also nice to see Nagi’s serious side emerge. His mom was right to text him. Our boy ended up being the MVP of this episode, and in that regard, he really

wanted to be the spectator Star opportunity to travel here. After so many months of being defined by stories sparked by his study habits and bizarre family situation, it’s great to see him enjoying his hobbies in an uncompromising way and having new friends by his side. This makes him interrupt the moment he understands Sachi and therefore rushes to her to hit that one more effectively, which is

and then reinforces her confirmation that she knows him well enough about his stargazing plans. I told you, brothers and sisters. So yes, This is the second half of the episode that uses all the characters well for the most part, develops more of the overall storyline, and looks a little better relatively (the end of the episode shows that these artists can still do what they want Draw a nice Erika when you want). I don’t know if it works thematically like Cuckoos on other performances Good episode, except to show how wonderful the friendship is between people who are genuinely interested and caring about each other. But given the optimistic density with which everything else happens, I don’t mind.


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