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A Pair of Cuckoos – Episode 20

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In this week’s , when he gets to run around from dear old dad Amano, he’s pissed about his long lost brother. This is basically the key point I’m focusing on in this plot right now (and I’m pretty sure I’m not alone in the audience), and the serious avoidance of the topic isn’t just the smokescreen of Erika’s father – it seems that the story itself is unwilling to follow directly. I know this Sosuke Recovery Arc is likely ready to get us through the rest of the season, so they want things to take up space accordingly. Simpler day-to-day interactions between actors are Cuckoos from the start. But it still stands out when there is so much divergence between the really interesting parts of the plot and the rest, I just nod in agreement. The latter ” The “story” style that dominates our time is the show’s continued insistence on imposing Sachi’s perspective and her sisterhood on Nagi to any point that might complicate some kind of relationship. While this really only applies to Nagi herself, since Mr. Amano brought up the idea of ​​Nagi marrying her at the end of the final episode, Nagi has repeated this to Erika, who seems to wonder at the possibility, as Segawa independently the same. I still feel very weird about the whole situation, not necessarily because of the incest thing (I reviewed In the interest of general positivity, I can fairly say) but it’s even weirder that no one else in the cast other than Nagi admits that at least this weird new “solution” might be problematic – very urgent Baby switch pin. Basically, it feels like it’s just being put out there this way to try to reinforce the possibility Sachi actually got a chance to play in the Nagi Bowl. The problem is that I do Actually liked Sachi as a character. Aside from the discomfort of the romantic element, her family connection with Nagi brings a unique relationship dynamic to the siblings. They even remember and comment on their shared past and upbringing in the episode, highlighting how this aspect makes this relationship special, while Nagi directly points out that connecting romance with love can be one question. Luckily the writing at the end has been toying with her romantic attraction to her brother which may just be a subconscious cover-up for other issues. In this particular instance, she expressed her desire for Nagi to focus more on her as a person at this point and not just on the things he felt he needed to take care of. It’s an interesting idea to dig in, aside from the push for Sachi to be a real sister-wife.

Likewise, this week Segawa’s bike ride into Nagi’s life to help lighten his mood after these dramatic upgrades is equally understandable, but also feels a little too much fluff filling the length of the episode. Segawa is another character I really like, and pretty much all of her most prominent traits are shown here, from her habit of instantly becoming obsessed with a new hobby or activity, to how her relationship with Nagi depends heavily on their rivalry Consciousness towards each other. Again, I’m not sure Cuckoos who in the creation pipeline is pushing Segawa Putting all sorts of different sportswear apparel on the agenda, but if they’re reading this, know I approve. Segawa and Nagi The Sentimental Aspects of the Seaside – riding his bike there, helped him gain more insight into the depths of the family before interacting with Sachi later. And I’m digging into the question of how Segawa is trying to help Nagi unabashedly, not forcing him to say what he thinks, but trying to help him deal with the trouble she can clearly feel. She even used the opportunity to make it clear that she hadn’t forgotten to deal with her own problems at the same time. Pushing each other through competition means that Segawa and Nagi always want each other to be at their best, which has evolved into their mutual respect and now this unique support system role. It’s one of the reasons why I love them together so much, I’m just a little disappointed, this kind of thing is the most Segawa can find at this point. Especially since they didn’t use a lot of other areas of the episode to address what they told us should be the main plot by now.

In general , I don’t mind getting lost in the sub-content of one’s tortuous contemplation, as I thought at the beginning. It’s frustrating, but I’ll speculate in good faith that it should

at this point? Erica even said it was a foregone conclusion that her father would withhold information. Imagine how she must be pissed years away for trying to follow up on this mystery , when we felt that way after a week! The exploratory development of the other characters feels a bit disconnected from this driving plot thread, but I can see them at least linking Sachi’s deal with the whole “family” element. There is this “wait and see” tone throughout the progression of the episode: so far so good, but if they continue to drag on as the show progresses, it could be a retrospective harbinger of more obvious pacing issues.


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