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A Pair of Cuckoos – Episodes 23-24

How do you rate episodes 14 of
A pair of cuckoos?

Community Rating: 4.0

How do you rate Episode 14 of
a pair of cuckoos?


Community Rating: 4.0

I’m not sure about my actual ending How much is expected in the ending of . It’s a show that’s always been content to slide and slide in this “hour-long” finale. The quotes are there because this doesn’t even really pretend to be a full finale, but rather two largely separate entries that just aired back-to-back. Mind you, they’re good enough entries, and appear to be meant to showcase the growth several characters go through as we hit this perfect stopping point. But if you’re hoping for any solution or revelation about the show’s relationship or ongoing mystery, you’re likely to leave disappointed. But, at the end, I don’t know how many people came for that kind of thing. Episode 20 Probably my favorite of the pair, I admit to being a Segawa supporter, although some of her follow-ups feel a little weird here, namely Erika and Sachi seeming surprised by signs of Segawa going after Nagi in the last episode. Yes, everyone in this show has the memory and attention of mosquitoes, but I still have to disbelieve to see this behavior from Erika as the first sign she encountered that Segawa was interested in Nagi, and she The confession to Nagi was one of the inciting incidents that led Erika to plan this beach trip in the first place! I think you can read this as Erika (and Sachi) keep denying, but most of the time it will be like just stick to a particular old rom-com script and have its characters interact and react to those situations. This is in writing The method is definitely confirmed in this episode bringing Nagi and Segawa together. Exercise you know: Go with no one else, get some inclement weather, check into a hotel together pretending to be a couple with just a futon. Like I really want this The two go together, but even I feel like watching this is just checking the mandatory genre box. However, it’s that reward that makes coming here worth it. That said, in addition to trying to keep Nagi and Segawa together somewhere alone, the sequence is designed around fleshing out Segawa’s more playful side. She lied about her age and circumstance to get into the hotel, and had no problem flirting with Nagi in the room, so much so that she enthusiastically suggested they have a drink to really keep the party going! I know I like her for a reason. Segawa’s Rebellion Struggling to fill an expected, but still interesting niche of her character: esteemed honors student who wants to act. In this case, it also goes well with her particular situation: Now that she has her entire adult life planned out for her, she might as well do all the crazy, “bad” things she wants to do. This does make for an interesting explanation for her recently admitted attraction to Nagi. With an arranged marriage awaiting her on the other side of her adolescence, getting together with anyone else meets the standards of rebellion, especially with someone in a similar situation. As much as I love seeing Segawa and Nagi together and think they do have chemistry, it begs the question of how much of her pursuit of him at this point is based on genuine interest and he’s just her escapism Best destination attraction. This is the potential powering the love of this episode The more chaotic emotional element of the – Polygons effectively drive the penultimate episode, and of course any tension is immediately defused by Erika and Sachi wearing police costumes, creating a wacky misunderstanding, while in the actual finale, these explorations There is little follow-up. Classic Cuckoo . last second What the hell was fourteen episodes then gave us a more low-key ending than I expected from the series. Considering this episode contains an actual party, it’s pretty impressive to mention it in this way! Of course, this was a birthday party arranged by a guy from Yohei’s dad who, by the way, was only reluctantly joined by Nagi and Sachi with Erika, so it wasn’t exactly conveying serious prosperity. Seeing how this man apparently went to town to celebrate his birthday for himself himself

, So cute Every year, it’s brought about by Erika’s natural passion for it. Not to mention Erika coming to her biological father’s birthday, which forms the backbone of that emotional connection Cuckoo seems to be coming to an end. That is, The idea is that Erika’s marriage to Nagi is a means rather than an end for Nagi to be identified as Umino’s parents. They end up just wanting more good kids, and Erika welcomes herself to this new, effectively-chosen branch of the family so warmly that they now only care if she and Nagi are happy. It’s an incredibly sweet, simple emotion separate from any ongoing (and even revealed in this episode!) conspiracy that Amano’s dad is still trying to plan. This is the greatest agency Erika has had in this situation in a while, and it brings us to the realization that family is something you can choose, and the kinds of support you get from them must be the deciding factor in that choice. It sparked a question for Erika and Nagi, though not really suspenseful, about what their relationship might turn out to be, since engagement isn’t really considered necessary right now. For now , the answer is still wishful thinking – since Erika catches a cold in time and needs some care from Nagi, this is probably the firmest emotional conclusion we end up with from these two. But that concern does show the kind of chemistry they share at this point, unlike Nagi’s rapport with Segawa in the previous episode. After living together for so long, Nagi and Erica are already “engaged” in spirit, if not an act of personal pursuit. Although they choose to be a family at this point, they are still a family, and they don’t yet need to put on the labels that society or their relatives demand to exercise it. This real feeling even permeates the wiretapping Sachi and Segawa, who realize that they may have recently honed too much in the romance of this love square they’re sailing, and temporarily forget about Nagi and Erika as people, as their friends. It’s all very Good as a demonstration of emotional resolution, if not evolution. All the other plot balls are still up in the air as the final credits roll at this point, and Dad Amano continues to make fickle remarks about his manipulation of his children’s relationships, despite his shallow claims that he will eventually let them “choose.” And Sosuke still hasn’t been found, a story compounded by Erika’s glimpse of Nagi and Sachi’s own mysteriously missing childhood photo intruder. Who keeps these things around? The show seems to already know, even with two classes running it will never answer these types of pressing plot questions, although I hope they put a little more effort into bringing this pair of episodes together if they’re going to stick with them as this kind of Super long episodes, they somehow satisfied us with stories still mostly land. It all still looks like Cuckoos all the time Just as thick, save to draw a few decent Erika in the last episode. But all of this and the strange rhythm of it all didn’t bother me as much as I did when I took on the task, because I’ve grown up to be gentle enough to enjoy these kids. I’m curious to see if next season will answer the more pertinent questions I’ve had, but for now, I’m pretty good at realizing that, perhaps, the real family is the family we’ve found along the way. Score:




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