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A therapist reacts to Will Smith's recent apology to Chris Rock

After months of hearing slaps around the world, actor Will Smith made a public apology Friday in the form of A slightly bizarre six-minute video on YouTube in which he talks about his attack on Chris Rock at the Oscars. Smith answered several questions from his followers after clarifying that Locke wasn’t ready for him to reach out.

In a reaction video, licensed family therapist Georgia Dow examines Smith’s apology and breaks down what he did right, and what he did The part that is considered untrue. She praises him for not making excuses for the slap and admits it, but finds his delivery on stilts curious.

“It’s a robot, it’s practice, and I don’t feel like any emotion is going through,” she said. “I think for Will it’s a defense mechanism…but I think it takes away the authenticity that we need to see.”

In In Dow’s view, the apology video shows Smith showing little real remorse for his actions at the Oscars. “For an apology to be good, it has to be sincere,” she said. She admitted, however, that when Smith went on to apologize to Locke’s mother, it did appear “more sincere” and less exaggerated.

“The audience for this apology does not appear to be Chris or his family,” she said. “Seems to be his fans. That’s who he’s talking to. It’s more of a PR move than a real truth.”

continued Said noted the “huge and stark difference” between the way Smith referred to Chris Rock and the way he addressed other groups (including other Oscar nominees) in his apology and fans who thought he had let them down.

“I don’t think the apology has anything to do with Chris,” she said, questioning whether Smith was feeling sorry for Locke’s mistakes or whether he was personally and professionally The impact felt in life. “These are two huge differences where you take responsibility, and that’s really important when we’re trying to let people know that we’re trying to change.”

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