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A Very Weird Valentine's Day Gift Guide

I’ll admit it: I love Valentine’s Day as much as a girl’s unrequited love who grew up obsessed in her locker and never got a candy heart. (Don’t feel bad for me! I have a partner now and I’m fine.) One thing I don’t like about the holidays, though, is the inevitable straight wash that comes with it; February at the earliest Rolling around, it seems like every website and Instagram ad is begging me to “buy him something special, wink” as if I haven’t already very The algorithm knows I’m gay.

To that end, I’ve put together a little guide to some of the best books, items, and other miscellaneous things created by LGBTQ+ artists, hopefully for those last-minute queer shoppers among us able to find the absolutely perfect gift for their loved one (which also happens to give money back to the community). Find them below:

Keep space : Life and Love Through a Queer Lens By Ryan Pfluger

There is perhaps no more elegant V-day gift than coffee table books, and this one – it features 79 Photos of queer, interracial couples and snippets of their love stories — and the ones you haven’t had time to read yet Old New Yorkers look great together.

Ginger Tea Soy Candle from Queer Candle Co.

It is well known that buying someone a cup of tea (especially ginger tea, which has Countless healing properties) is the sexiest thing yo you can do from a british crown-y perspective, so why not this one donated by a family% of profits go to Sylvia Rivera legal project?

Beach Rose Sea Salt by Salty Dykes

Yep, that’s behind Nova Scotia-based OK Sea Salt The queer couple described themselves, and while any flavor of their hand-picked sea salt would make for an extremely understated but sexy gift, the smell of beach roses is especially alluring — especially when you imagine it sprinkled on a chocolate Valentine’s Day dessert hour.

SCUM Towel by Wacky Wacko

If your lover prefers femininity If you’re looking for beach towels with a statement-making side, then this is the gift for them (it’s worth noting that this delightfully offbeat company also makes Joan Didion and Grace Jones towels, if Valerie Solanas doesn’t).

Tighty – Whitey Twink Vase from Pansy Ass Ceramics

this The vase is objectively gorgeous enough to impress your relatives when they come over, but also silly, sexy, and joyfully cool enough to please its actual intended recipient.

for obviously gay asons.

Free BLK MKT Vintage gift card

BLK MKT Vintage Gift Card

This vintage/vintage concept store is centered around its amazing collection, featuring Black cultural arts and crafts center, and while it’s in Brooklyn, a gift card means your loved one can entertain themselves until the wee hours by perusing its wares online (really, isn’t it? Best gift ever ?)



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