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A24 Nabbing Sundance Horror Movie “Talk to Me”

Australian Horror Talk to Me is going to A21 January after premiere in Midnight Featured Lineup at Sundance Film Festival , The Hollywood Reporter confirmed. The deal is worth seven figures, according to sources.

The gory film stars Sophia Wilde as teenage Mia, who gathers to celebrate and celebrate the anniversary of her mother’s death. Her friend’s seance takes a dark turn as the boundaries between worlds collapse and Mia is haunted by visions of the supernatural. Miranda Otto, Alexandra Jensen, Joe Bird, Otis Dhanji and Zoe Terakes also star in Talk to Me.

Twin filmmaking duo Danny and Michael Philippou are behind the project, and Danny co-wrote the screenplay with Bill Hinzman. Known as YouTube duo RackaRacka, the twins make comedic horror videos.

Talk to Me, slated for a theatrical release, is positioned in the tradition of horror features such as Saw, Paranormal Activity and Insidious. The deal is because horror is still one of the few genres ParamountSmile and UniversalM3GAN ‘s latest hit still reliably draws audiences to theaters. A24 released the critically acclaimed horror flicks last year X and Pearl , two of which created a horror star from protagonist Mia Goth. The Oscar nomination for Its Everything at the Same Time brought in more nominations than any other film this year.

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