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Aaron Jeffrey on teammate Elias Theodoro's death: 'I don't know if I'm shocked or in disbelief'

Bellator middleweight Aaron Jeffery knew his friend Elias Theodorou was dealing with a health issue. But like many in the MMA world, he was shocked to hear that his old teammate died after a private battle with colon cancer.

“I don’t know if I’m in shock or disbelief, but I don’t know,” Jeffrey said on Monday at MMA Hour said. “It’s hard to accept.”

Last time Jeffrey saw Theodore, Ultimate Warrior: Nation winner is comforting Dana White after his loss in the Contenders series. The two went to the MGM Grand Cafeteria to celebrate Canadian Thanksgiving. He posted a photo of Theodorou eating pancakes and waffles, “with 20 glasses of syrup in front of him and a beer at 11am.”

Jeffrey said , wherever Theodoro appears, he will light up the room with his “lively” and “gorgeous” personality. Theodoro has been a supportive influence in Jeffrey’s life since they met at the Burlington Training Centre in Burlington, Ontario, Canada, even if that support meant a quick kick to the ribs in the cage. They were introduced by teammates who were thought to look alike, and the rest is history.

“He doesn’t take himself too seriously, but at the same time, he has such a great work ethic,” Jeffrey said. “Every time I see him, he’s dawdling. … He brings a good vibe wherever he is.

” He The kind of person I want to be a role model in my career. He’s been a huge role model for me because I’m very new to the sport and he’s winning The Ultimate Fighter and doing all the other things, using his platform for other things, he’s a great guy to me Said to be a good example. “

Now training at Kill Cliff MMA in South Florida, Jeffery wants the world to know how much Theodorou means to him.

nobody Would have guessed by looking at him, but he’s one of the toughest assholes on the planet. And one of the dumbest assholes on the planet (the last video I saw of him talking to himself in the mirror ❤️).

— Aaron Jeffery (@aajmma) September 12, 2022

Jeffery says he hasn’t seen Theodorou this year; he heard his longtime training partner Complained of pain and had a medical examination earlier this year. However, Theodoro has sent several messages in recent months suggesting that the former UFC fighter is trying to establish some kind of connection. However, they also revealed that Theodoro has The sense of privacy that comes with his kind personality. When he replies, his messages are not read.

Now, Jeffrey can only speculate why his friends chose not to reveal his extent. His illness. The lack of information he received could be Theodore’s way of protecting those closest to him.

“A couple of his coaches, Chad and Gavin, I guess they don’t even have the full story,” Jeffrey said “Elias’ parents had to fill his void here and there. …that’s him. He’s a lively and cheerful person, a free spirit, happy, always good vibe, maybe he doesn’t want to disappoint people. Maybe he doesn’t want anyone to feel bad for him or see where he is now. I’m guessing somewhere in these areas. “

Theodorou is known to MMA fans for his TUF victories and outspoken advocacy in While battling bilateral neuropathy, he played “Ring Card Boy” at all-female Invicta FC for medical marijuana and a campaign to obtain an exemption for therapeutic use of the plant.
Jeffrey’s impression of Theodoro was much more than that: an ally who beat him more than anyone in the gym; tough and selfless and tireless staff outside the gym.

Jeffrey says friends are working for Theodore makes a monument (information about the party can be seen below). Jeffrey is working out at the gym to keep his focus away from pain. It’s not any motivation he wants, but he believes in his dead friend Will agree.

“I know if Elias has anything to say about this, He’ll be glad I’m down here to hone in and work hard with these guys,” Jeffrey said.



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