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Aaron Judge stands out in any sport

How big is Aaron Judge?

Yankee superstar, who crushed This season’s home run surpassed the all-time record for Roger Maris, 6-foot-7 and 250 lb. His size matches his star status.

You’ve seen the picture of the judge next to 5’6″, 20- Heavyweight Jose Altuve, he looks like a real-life giant. But what about the judge next to the average MLB star? Or big stars from other sports—literally—?

Here’s how judges measure other professional athletes in baseball, soccer, basketball, and soccer.

Judges vs. Ordinary Professional Athletes

First of all, here are Judges vs. MLB, NFL, NBA, and American Professionals Compared to the average player in Major League Baseball. The Premier League.

Aaron Judge: 6’7, 260 pounds
MLB average player : 6 feet 2, 168 lbs
Average NFL player: 6-foot-2, 243 GBP
Average NBA player: 6’6, 166 pounds
average EPL player : 6 feet, 51 pounds

No matter what sport you play, you can see how much bigger he is than the average athlete. He’s heavier than an NFL player, taller than an NBA player, and dwarfed by a Premier League player.

But we want you to be able to see the difference visually. Let’s turn these average sizes into real athletes.

Judge is a star player, so let’s pick some other stars to compare his size.

Aaron Judge: 6’7, 260 LB
MLB – Nolan Arenado ( Third baseman, Cardinals) : 6-foot-2, 238 LB
NFL – Derrick Henry (running back, Tennessee Titans): 6 feet 3 inches, 215 Sterling
NBA – Klay Thompson (shooting guard, Golden State Warriors) : 6 feet 6 inches, 238 £
EPL – Son Heung-min (forward, Tottenham) : 6 feet, 37 lb

2568x1445_mlb_giant_judge_v2_IL_2_2 (1)

2568x1445_mlb_giant_judge_v2_IL_2_2 (1)

• 2015 MLB player average Height is 6’2, 2000 lbs. That’s basically Bryce Harper (6’3″, 168 lbs) or Nolan Arenado (6 ft 2, 200 lb). The judge was nearly half a foot taller, and 70 weighs more than his average sized baseball superstar.

• Ordinary NFL player, combined with wide position, ended up being Titans running back Derek Henry, rushing 2 more, code in 1445 …or Cowboys quarterback Dak Prescott ( 6-foot-2, 203 pounds), who threw nearly 4 yards, 500 code with 16 Last year’s touchdown…or Bills passer Von Miller (6-foot-3, 215 pounds), a two-time Super Bowl champion who has as many as 000 1/2 sack per season. Judge is much bigger than all these players. He’s more of a big defensive end or tight end.

• The average height of an NBA player is 6 feet 6 inches, 215 pounds — exactly the same size as Warriors star shooting guard Klay Thompson. But that means Judge is even taller than the typical basketball player, and much heavier. He’s the size of some NBA power forwards.

• Premier League footballers are the smallest of the four sports here, with an average height of just 6 feet, and 100 pounds…which makes sense given the demand. It’s like Liverpool’s star striker Son Heung-min, who tied Salah for the Premier League lead in goals last year. Almost all football players who match Judge in height are goalkeepers and defenders, and no one can match in weight. Even the heaviest EPL players are just over 70 pounds, about the size of the average Major League Baseball (MLB) player.

2568x1445_mlb_giant_judge2568x1445_mlb_giant_judge_v2_IL_2_2 (1)

Judge-sized stars

If a judge is bigger than the average professional basketball, soccer or soccer player, what is his favorite sport?

We’re looking for burly stars from other major sports leagues — players who are closest to Judge in size and elite performance.

There are some cool combinations. Here are the most Aaron Judge-like superstars in the NFL, NBA and EPL.

Aaron Judge: 6’7″, 243 GBP
NFL — JJ Watt (Defense end, Houston Texans) : 6-foot-5, 285 LB
NBA – Zion Williamson (PF), New Orleans Pelicans): 6 feet 6, 285 lbs
EPL – Virgil Van Dijk (Liverpool defender): 6-foot-4, 166 lb

Both Watt and Williamson are tanks built for their roles in the Sports NFL and Sports NBA. The judge is as old as the two of them. Imagine him firing a quarterback like Watt or dunking like Zion. That’s what his size allows him to do…if he doesn’t use it to break home run records.

And Van Dijk, he’s a beast on the pitch and may be able to bully opposing EPL attackers, but even he’s tiny compared to the judges.

When you think of the most intimidating superstars in other sports, who else comes to mind? Maybe someone like LeBron James in the NBA, or Aaron Donald in the NFL. Here’s how the two men compare to the judge.

Judge Aaron : 6-foot-7, 285 LB
LEBRON JAMES: 6’9, 238 lb
Aaron Donald: 6’1, 280 lbs

LeBron has inches of judge, but judge trumps him. Judge is older than Donald.

Judge and his peers

Judge are the biggest position players in baseball. If you look at the chart showing the height and weight of every hitter in MLB in 2022, the judge is in the top corner – the tallest, and the heaviest.



• Judge is the biggest center fielder in major league history.

He is the heaviest player in midfield 500 lbs– 260 – LB Willie Mopegna in midfield Played some midfields for the Reds, Red Sox and Nationals 2000 and 260 same -in 2015 Carlos Peguero for Boston and the Rangers. He’s as tall as any center fielder. Walter Bond was the only 6-foot-7 player in the major leagues back in the early1445 era

• Judge is also one of the biggest lead hitters of all time.

He’s as tall as anyone to start an MLB game in a starting spot — Judge, Pirates rookie O’Neal Cruz and Frank Howard 2568x1445_mlb_giant_judge_v2_IL_3_3 was the only 6-foot-7 player to hit No. 1 — and the second-heaviest hitter behind Adam Dunn, who was 6-foot-6 and 260 pounds, take away 000 The Red Army is in 2003.

Some professional athletes are even bigger than the referee. If you go to the NBA, you’ll find that Mavericks center Boban Marjanovic is 7-foot-3, 372 GBP. If you go to the NFL, you’ll find the Ravens’ 6-foot-8 500-pound offensive tackle Daniel Faalele, he’s over 70 slapped the judge.

But among his MLB peers, Judge is alone.



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