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Aaron Rodgers says he 'has to play the same way' while Packers' young WR is developing

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Green Bay Packers quarterback Aaron Rodgers knows he’s not on the same page as some of the team’s young receivers, but as far as he is concerned, he doesn’t need to adjust his approach.

“I have to play the same way,” Rodgers told reporters Wednesday. “I didn’t play like I did in 2011, [but] I have to play on time, the players have to open up, so no, I’m not going to change the way I play. I have to be aware of who’s out there and who we’re throwing to. , and how we’re going to actually make some hay and get some points.” Rodgers and Green lost 23-7 on Sunday to Bay’s rookie receiver showed a lack of chemistry during the Minnesota Vikings game. In the Packers’ first possession of the game, Christian Watson threw away Rodgers’ perfect 75-yard touchdown in his hands. Romeo Dubs, the star of training camp and preseason, was quiet. Green Bay misses fifth year due to ankle injury, Alan Lazard is expected to be a part of the team No. receiver. He attended Wednesday’s practice, his first since an ankle injury two weeks ago. David Bakhtiari and Elgerton Jenkins, who started offensive tackles, also suffered knee injuries Missing Sunday’s game, it’s unclear when either of them will be ready to return.

“I think he’s playing as well as we expected,” Packers head coach Matt LaFleur said. Rogers said. “He’s always been hard on himself, and I know he definitely wants a few games back, just like I want some game calls as well. … But I think he’s done a good job demanding that from those youngsters. The sense of urgency, while also putting an arm around them.”

Sunday’s game was also a long time since Rodgers The first came without star receiver Davante Adams, as he was traded to the Las Vegas Raiders this offseason. Still, he didn’t see it as an excuse for his struggles, including a turnover and an interception.

“I didn’t concede all year last year and didn’t throw a pick in the division game, I don’t know, there was For a while, so it’s my standard to hold on to, no matter who’s with us,” Rodgers said. “So that’s why it’s frustrating. I don’t think it’s ‘Tae isn’t here [so] I have to do more or play perfect football.’ I just kept sticking to my standards of taking care of football, which was on Sunday. Not good enough.”

Rodgers and the Packers will look forward to a rebound Sunday against the Chicago Bears at Lambeau Field.



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