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'ABC World News Tonight' anchor David Muir returns to Ukraine, Volodymyr Zelensky says 'determined to use all tools' to get the West involved

Just weeks after Russia invaded Ukraine earlier this year, ABC World News Tonight Anchor David Muir is the first to interview the country’s President Vladimir Zelens Key American correspondent.

Six months later, the war in Ukraine continues, Ukraine has defended Kyiv and is now considering a counteroffensive in the east. Meanwhile, full coverage in the US has slowed to a trickle.

So Muir thought it was time to bring what’s happening in this country back to the forefront. During the U.S. Labor Day weekend, the ABC anchor returned to Ukraine for an interview with Zelensky.

“To truly understand the scope of this war and the atrocities committed, if not here to spend time with Ukrainian families and witness their grief, fear and enduring strength No. 1 Firsthand,” Muir told The Hollywood Reporter . “Most of their strength comes from their leaders…their fight to defend and protect their fragile democracy has captivated the world.”

But Zelensky has proven himself to be a shrewd political operator, one who is fully aware of the power of the news media and popular culture. He was at the Venice Film Festival , Cannes Film Festival , and Grammy Awards , and welcomes celebrities like Ben Stiller to the country to raise awareness.

Of course, he will make time for interviews with media around the world, trying to put Ukraine in the spotlight.

“When you spend time with President Zelensky, you immediately realize that if Ukraine is to win this war, he is determined to use all the tools at his disposal to keep America and the West engaged,” Muir said. “He knew his life was at risk and he told me, ‘We don’t want to feel alone. With America, we are not alone. Spend time with this leader in the dark corridors of the Kyiv presidential building turned into a bunker, Perhaps a highly unlikely wartime president, which is shocking because he is at this point in history.”

Muir’s interview with Zelensky concluded On Monday night on ABC World News tonight *), he will also be on Nightline reported on Tuesday the alleged war crimes in the town of Butcha.



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