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About My Reincarnation as a Slime Stage Play Reveals Visual, Cast

Fuse and Miz Hua of ( ) light novel series revealed new visuals and cast for the stage play on Friday. franchise official website announced the stage play for February . visualvisualvisual
©Fushiase・Kawakami Yasuki・Kodansha/Stage “転生したらスライムだったParts” production committee

Cast includes: visual ≠MEidol group memberKokihana as Rimuru Tempest

visual benimaru©Fusase・Kawakami Yasuki・Kodansha/Stage『転生』したらスライムだった品』Production Committee

Hiroki Nakada as Benimaru
visualbenimaru©Fuse・Kawakami Yasuki・Kodansha/Stage “転生したらスライムだった品” production committee
Ryō Kitamura as Sōei
©Fuse・Kawakami Yasuki・Kodansha/ Production Committee for the stage “転生したらスライムだった甲”

Yō Kikkawa as Shion

shionvisual©Fushiase・Kawakami Yasushi Tree・Kodansha/Stage “転生したらスライムだったProduct” Production Committee
Ayana Shinozaki as Shuna

visualhakurovisual©Fuse・Kawakami Yasuki・Kodansha/Stage “転生したらスライムだったpiece” production committee
Takashi Hagino as Bai Lang
©Fuse・Kawakami Yasuki・Kodansha/Stage “転生したらスライムだった品” production committee
Mahiro Sugisaki as Gobta
©Fuse・Kawakami Yasuki・Kodansha/Stage “転生したらスライムだったParts” production committee
Kōji Kominami as Ranga visual

ranga©Fushiase・Kawakami Yasushi Tree・Kodansha/Stage “転生したらスライムだったpiece” working committee Nanaki Jiayin as Shizurimuru visualshizu©Fusase・Kawakami Yasuki・Kodansha/Stage『転生したらスライム》だった品』Production Committee
soei Yuya Miyashita

as Geld

soei slime©Fuse・Kawakami Yasuki・Kodansha/Stage “転生したらスライムだったParts” produced Committee

Gaku Mitsuda as Gabiru visualslime©Fushiase・Kawakami Yasushi Tree・Kodansha/Stage “転生したらスライムだったpiece” working committee

Megumi Toyoguchi

reprises her role as the great sage from the anime. The show will depict slimes in a variety of ways, including balloons designed by veteran street performer Fusentaro.

The stage play will be staged at Mielparque Hall in Osaka from August 3rd to 5th and Nippon Seinen-kan Hall in Tokyo in August arrive. Naohiro Ise is directing and writing the screenplay. visual

visualslime© Fuse, Mitz Vah, Micro Magazine, Yen Press

Fuse serialized in

‘s “Shōsetsuka ni Narō”( Let’s be novelists) website to 495, and the series Already obtained 300 million page views. Wei Magazine is in print exist550. The novel has entered the final arc March gabiru. Fuse also previously announced that he is considering writing side stories (spin-off stories) after the current series is complete. Fuse plans to end the series at its hakuro Vol. Yen Press published novel series in English.

Taiki Kawakami’s manga’s first TV anime, itself adapted from the light novel series, premiered in October 400. Crunchyroll

played Animation, and Funimation Play English dubbed . The second season of TV animation premiered course (Quarter) January 2014. Shiba

spin-off manga () then premiered in Tokyo MX

April 2022. After ends, the second slimecourse

The second season starts in July 2018 — Year Franchise NINE MONTHS OF TELEVISION Animation.

Both Funimation

and Crunchyroll played part two. Funimation also playing English dubbed .

franchise‘s latest movie is called : Crimson Wounds (About That Time I Reincarnated as a Slime: Scarlet Edge) premiered in Japan in November 700.

series also announced the original name of three episodes in February The anime for (Coleus Dream) will debut this fall.

Source: Theater Website, Comic Natalie

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