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About That Thing I Was Reincarnated As A Slime: Koriusu no Yume Anime Reveals Returning Staff, Ending Song Artist

Fuse and m () for Ziwa The light novel series revealed the staff, visuals, concept board and ending song writer for three episodes (: Coleus’ Dream) Tuesday original anime.

© Yasuki Kawakami・Fusase・Kodansha/転スラ Production Committee
© Kawakami Yasuki・Fusase・Kodansha /転スラ Production Committee

Visuals drawn by animation character designers Effect Ryōma Ebata , depicting the vampires Luminous (left) and Primordial Violet (right), with Rimuru in the background disguised as the thief “Satoru”. Concept board depicting the Kingdom of Coleus. Atsushi Nakayama is back as animation director

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. Shunzo Nemoto (, ) in charge of series composition. Ryoma Ehata is once again designing the characters, and Takahiro Kishida is again in charge of monster design. Kenichiro Tomiyasu is working on concept art. Studio Naya is working on the background. Ayumi Satō returns as Art Director, Tomoyasu Fujise and Masahiro Satō

also returns to artistic design. Maki Saitou returns as a chroma key artist. Hiroshi Satō returns as director of photography. Yūji Haibara returns to graphic design. Yumi Jinguji Back to editing. Jin Aketagawa returns as sound director, Hitoshi Fujima (Elements Garden) came back from the movie to make music. Okazaki Miho

Rimuru’s voice will sing at the end of the animation Theme song. The anime will premiere this fall. is included in the Blu extra booklet Text Story – Disc Release of Season 2 . It became the main story inspiration for the Scarlet Bond films. “A Tale of Epic Spectacle” is set between the first two seasons of the TV series, as Rimuru faces a conspiracy surrounding the kingdom of Coleus. Takuma Terashima (Satoru Mikami) is singing the opening theme.

© Fuse, Mitz Vah, Micro Magazine, Yen Press

Fuse serialized the story in “Shōsetsuka ni Narō “(Let’s Be Novelists) website from 450 to 495, and the series has received million page views. micro-magazine started publishing a series of prints in

. The novel has entered its final arc) in March 2018 volume. Fuse also previously announced that he is considering writing side stories (spin-off stories) after the current series is complete. Fuse plans to end the series at its

Volume II. Yen Press publishes a series of novels in English.

Taiki Kawakami’s manga’s first TV anime, itself adapted from the light novel series, premiered in October 400. Crunchyroll played the animation and slimeFunimation played the English dub .

The second season of TV animation premiered course

(quarter of the year) in January 2018. Shiba

spin-off manga (

) then premiered on Tokyo MX in April700. After

ends, the second courseSecond season starts in July TV From the slime franchise to the


Both Funimation and Crunchyroll played the second part. Funimation also played English Dubbed .

Franchise visual The latest movie is called : Scarlet Wounds (About my reincarnation as a slime: Scarlet Kizuna) premiered in Japan in November


Source: Stage Play Website, Comic Natalie

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