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According to AFM, Sales Director Pia Patatian

Not going to the movie market during the epidemic, what I miss the most is…

After so many years of meeting with customers and friends four It’s really hard to build this bond five times a year and suddenly not be able to meet for two years!

What I don’t miss about the movie market is…

I really like the market – We meet dealers from all over the world and they become a bit like family. We enjoy lunch and dinner, and most importantly, we sell incredible movies for the world to enjoy. What’s there to complain about?

Los Angeles as a city, what I miss the most is…

Nothing I miss Los Angeles, except for the sunny weather all year round!

In the age of COVID, the biggest challenge for festivals and markets is…

Trying to accommodate different time zones Buyers were complicated, and by the end of the pandemic, distributors had lost interest in meeting behind screens. Plus, I want to get back into my life – meet in person, no masks, big hugs and lots of fun!

One of my must-go places when I’m in LA is…

Whole Foods.

The one thing I wouldn’t travel without (other than my phone) is…

Global access.

In Los Angeles, you should always…

Get tickets to LA Phil to watch Gustavo A concert or opera by Dudamel, he is a talented conductor!

Edited for length and clarity.

This story first appeared in The Hollywood Reporter’s Nov. 4 issue of American Film Market Daily.



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