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According to Italian film festival insiders Sabrina Baracetti and Thomas Bertacche, Venice

What’s the best thing about the Venice Film Festival?

Bertacche: The absolutely priceless thing about Venice is that you can always decide to get out of the festival and explore the most beautiful city in the world.

What was your best “only in Venice” experience?

Baracetti: At

, we acted as the festival’s Asia consultant because [former artistic director] Marco Muller invited us to do so. It was an amazing and amazing experience.

The one thing I’m going to change at the Venice Film Festival is…

Baracetti: Nothing! Venice is the oldest film festival in the world. so perfect!

Venice proved wrong The most inaccurate cliché about Italians is…

Bertacche: Not all Italians dress well. Only the majority.

The best place in Venice to escape the crowds (and the movie business) is…

Baracetti : Go to the “Gallerie dell’Accademia” museum. And stay there to meditate on Thiepolo’s masterpiece, The Plague of the Serpents.

The best Venetian food and/or drink at…

Both: “Cicchetti “,forever and ever!

My worst “Venice Nightmare” moment was…

Bertacche: Happened before For a while…we had box office sales from a full day of events in the Italian booth in our backpacks, cash. At that time, we were both in charge. We lost our backpacks on the airboat [or water bus]. But, in the end, thanks to the kindness of the locals, we found it. It was a Venetian nightmare that became a Venetian miracle.

Aside from my phone, the one thing I wouldn’t be without is…

Baracetti : A bottle of whisky.

Bertacche: My romantic life!

What’s the funniest Venetian celebrity you’ve met?

Baracetti: In 2005, we were lucky enough to meet Miyazaki. This is only the 30 second meeting. We shook hands and I told him, “Thank you, Master.” He just smiled at me. For a few seconds, pure joy! Of course, stroking his hand, the soft hand – the hand of the genius, it was wonderful.

My advice for beginners in Venice is…

Bertacche: See as much as possible in one day many movies – and take notes for each one. In Venice, you can watch six movies a day. How amazing is this?

In Venice, you should always…

Baracetti: try to see with the actors A movie screened at Sala Grande with the director. This is the essence of the festival!

In Venice, you should never…

Bertacche : Try not to boo movies in theaters . Because behind the camera, hundreds of people go out of their way to please you.



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