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'Acne Don't Dream Of The Backpack' Movie Trailer Coming Dec. 1

Electric Shock Library 23 Anniversary Sunday The commemorative event revealed the trailer for , two of the sequel animation projects for Youth Buta Yelang The second in the (Acne Has No Dreams) light novel series in the movie. The trailer announces that the film will be released on December 1st.

🐷Youthブタ野郎は ランドセルガールの梦を见ない


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rascal©2022 Kamo Shidaichi /KaADOKAWA/青ブタProject Sequel animation project adapted from the series His eighth and ninth novels: and .

Opening in Japan in June. Movie sold 16 ,16 Three days before the ticket and get 25,118,648 Yen (approximately 1 US dollar. 16 million) ranked fourth in its opening weekend.

(), a TV animation based on the light novel series, premiered in Japan in October 648 and broadcast episodes. The anime adapted the story to the fifth volume of the novel.

Aniplex of America was live on


The series) Funimation

, and other services.


), an animated film based on volumes 6 and 7 of the series of light novels, released in Japan in June 450. The

Aniplex of America and

Funimation films screened the animation in the United States.

Kadokawa at

Published the first novel series by Hajime Kamoshida , titled (), in April 2014.

Yen Press is releasing a novel series in English.

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Electric Shock Library 16 Denaz no Zhaitian online 2018 live streaming


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