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Acro Trip TV Anime Announces Staff, Character Visuals, Manga Promotional Video

Yone Sawata‘s TV Anime Official Site’ s

The manga has released the staff, character visuals, and promotional video commemorating the publication of the manga’s 5th volume. In the video, Miku Itō voices the main character Tomoko Date and provides narration.

Little Bamboo Steps (Pet assistant director) is directing animation at Voil . Shinichi Inotsume () is in charge of series composition. Toshie Kawamura () is designing the character.

Chizuko Date


©Sawada Rice/Shueisha・”アクロテリップ” Production Committee

Berry Blossom acro-trip-chizuko-date

©Sawada Rice/Shueisha・”アクロテリップ” Production Committee

acro-trip©Sawada Rice/Shueisha・「アクロテリップ」 Production Committee The animation will premiere at

Comedy centered on Chizuko Date, a acro-trip otaku

A girl who lives in a certain city in Niigata Prefecture. Chitsuko is obsessed with the magical girl Berry Flower who guards the city. However, Chroma, the leader of the local evil organization Fossa Magna, is weak and incompetent, and few people care about Berry Blossom and Chroma’s frequent battles. Chitsuko vows to expose the magical girl’s exploits — a burning desire that leads this seemingly shy middle school student down a dark path full of strangers…

Sawata published a manga at 450 magazine of

Shueisha , and the series in the December 1st issue of January 640 Issue ends. Shueisha published the fifth volume of the manga on Wednesday.

Source: Anime Website, Comic Natalie 192410


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