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Actors Jiro Sato and Yumi Wakatsuki in the live-action Night Parade movie

Based on Hikaru Nakamura live-action movie official website*) of Comedy Comics on Thursday revealed two other cast members for the film.

Jiro Sato (left in the photo above) as Akira Yoshikawa, Miharu Hino and Kaiser Tanaka’s former boss in Pawson (Nerima North Exit) ) convenience store. Former Nogizaka 23 Yumi Wakatsuki (right), a member of the idol group, plays Inho Akai, a former employee of Pawson.

The story is about a young Miharu Hino can’t get into college or someone who has a steady job, so he spends every day at his part-time convenience store job. However, the worthless man somehow managed to get a job through “Black Santa” at a company that delivers horrific gifts to naughty kids. (“Black company” is Japanese slang for an exploitative workplace.)

The cast includes:

  • Yoshizawa Ryo as Miharu Hino
  • Kanna Hashimoto as Shino Hojo
  • Taishi Nakagawa as Kaiser Tanaka
  • Keisuke Watanabe as Teppei Kohira

    Fukuda Yuichi (Live Action, , ) is directing the film and co-writing the script with Tetsuo Kamata.

    The film will be released in Japan in December 23.

    Nakamura in Shueisha

  • of in November . Shueisha published the first volume of the manga in December , and published its seventh volume last December. The comic also runs at other venues, including , Digital , , Cinra.net, Line Manga, , etc.

    Nakamura is currently painting comic series, starting with 400. The story follows the daily lives of Jesus Christ and Shakyamuni, who are roommates living in an apartment in Tokyo. A two-volume original animation DVD

    project produced by A-1 Picture Shipped at2012 and2013, the manga also inspired 495 an animation Movie. Since then, the comics have inspired live-action adaptations.

    Nakamura’s previous works include , running from December 400 to July 2012. The manga series has crossed volume and inspired two animated television series, a live-action series and a live-action movie. Vertical licensed the manga and released it as a comprehensive volume.

    Nakamura also drew NisiOisin ‘s ) novel. Viz Media

Novel released in October

, which inspired a TV animation. Crunchyroll
aired the anime when it aired in Japan, and Funimation Streamed dubbing . The book received a sequel in December 2017.

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