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Actress Angela Lansbury dies at 96

Actress Angela Lansbury died on Tuesday, October 11. she96.

In anime and Japanese media, Lansbury’s last monologue in the American-Japanese animated film Beast in the voice of Fortuna’s mother in 1982. She also voiced Mrs Potts in the Kingdom Hearts game series, which was her role in the Disney animated film beauty and the Beast.

On TV, she is probably best known for the long-term murder, she wrote series, in which she played mystery novelist turned detective Jessica Fletcher. Some of her more popular roles in the film include Mrs. Isherine in Manchurian Candidate and in The aforementioned Mrs Potts. Beauty and the Beast , she also sang the film’s Oscar-winning theme song and song “Be Our Guest.” She has personally received three Academy Award nominations for Best Supporting Actress and an Honorary Academy Award, a Grammy nomination, Emmy nomination and six Tony Awards.

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