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Adam Silver says Robert Sarver's racism and sexism 'undefensible' while defending him

NBA Commissioner Adam Silver faced the media on Wednesday for the first time since the league concluded its investigation into Phoenix Suns Governor Robert Sarver’s rampant racism and misogyny. The NBA announced that Sarver would be suspended for a year and fined $10 million after an investigation found five instances where Sarver used the N-word in his storytelling and numerous instances of sexual harassment.

Sarver reportedly fought the punishment and thought it was overkill, but it seems he’s the only one who thinks so. The reaction around the NBA was that Sarver got out of the car with a slap in the face. His disgusting behavior should have resulted in a lifetime ban, like Silver once gave Donald Sterling, but a year later Sarver will still be calling the shots in Phoenix.

The media was poised to ask Silver about his punishment of Sarver at Wednesday’s press conference, and the NBA’s commitment looked completely unprepared.

. @HowardBeck: “Why are there different standards for NBA owners and not for everyone who works in this league?”

Adam Silver: “There are some SPECIAL OWNERS OF NBA TEAM NOT EMPLOYEE 14/14/2022

That means the rules are different if you’re very rich.

You can watch Silver’s press conference here. With social With bits and pieces in the media, it’s clear that Silver has a lot of word-of-mouth moments.

Meanwhile, Silver Calls Sarver’s conduct “undefensible” and continues to defend it.

NBA commissioner Adam Silver backs punishment of Suns owner Robert Sarver: “This behavior is untenable, but I feel like we’re dealing with it in a fair way got it. ”

— Ben Golliver (@BenGolliver) September 14, 2022

Why wasn’t Sarver banned like Sterling? Well, because Sterling’s racist audio component makes it harder to ignore Silver also stated that Sarver’s racism and sexual harassment were different from Sterling’s.

When asked about the difference between the situations of Robert Sarver and Donald Sterling , Adam Silver pointed to the nature of the Stirling recording, how fast it spreads and spreads and the “realness of the audio” that everyone has heard. For Sarver, he says he admits to his actions

— Gerald Bourguet (@GeraldBourguet) September 14, 2022

Silver also stated that Sarver has “evolved as a person” and has done “a lot of positive things.” Well, TrueHoop released a Sarver Transcript of sexist comments published in 2021, which seems to indicate the difference.

NBA commissioner Adam Silver said there was no relationship with Robert Sa Fever talks about selling the Phoenix Suns, Sarver on his 18-year ownership tenure, and that he’s done “a lot of really positive things” in his role. – Ben Golliver (@BenGolliver) 2022 September 14

Adam Silver slammed by fans and media after Robert Sarver press conference

The lesson is, unless you hurt the money, you’re not a problem for the league

— Hardwood Paroxysm (@HPbasketball) September 14, 2022

Adam Silver has always sided with billionaires and their business interests over players and other workers.

However, every time he does something, he still acts disgusted. Is such that.

— Jackson Frank (@jackfrank_jjf) September 14, 2022

This press conference was the nadir of Silver’s tenure.

— John Hollinger (@johnhollinger) September 14, 2022

Adam Silver says he has the option to suspend Sarver for longer. So much for the whole “NBA hit him as hard as it could” angle. – Anthony F. Irwin (@AnthonyIrwinLA) September 14, 2022

The NBA could have kicked Sarver out of the league. Instead, they decided to give someone with a track record of hateful behavior a year off before returning next year.

Silver faced the music on Wednesday and he wasn’t doing well.



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